UCLA Football: Southern California’s Hottest Ticket


UCLA Football are the attendance champions of Southern California! That’s the only reasonable conclusion I can draw from this chart of attendance figures put together by Ryan Nanni of Every Day Should be Saturday.

UCLA Bruins
UCLA Bruins /

UCLA Bruins

UCLA, with an average attendance of 76,659 last season, played in front of an 83% full Rose Bowl. The two other SoCal schools, USC and San Diego State, come in at 78% and 46%, respectively. UCLA football also beats USC outright by 3,387 fans. If you’re one of those 3,300 fans, I salute you!

I find UCLA’s attendance success doubly impressive considering the off-campus stadium, the size of the Rose Bowl, and the fact that UCLA football’s non-conference home games tend to be played before school starts at the end of September.

Now let’s revel in USC’s shame. The Trojans, supposedly the reason that LA doesn’t need an NFL team, failed to fill their on-campus stadium as well as the following college football powerhouses:

  • Syracuse – 82%
  • Idaho – 81%
  • Miami (who’s attendance is routinely mocked) – 80%

I remember a previous coach widely ridiculed for saying something about the football monopoly in this town?