“Diddy” Case Referred to LA City Attorney

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Rapper/Producer “Diddy” Sean Combs arrest for an Assault with a Deadly Kettlebell by the University of California Police Department has been reviewed by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office and referred to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office.

This decision means that no felony charges will be filed against Combs as a result of the arrest. Last week, the UCPD arrested Combs on charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon (245PC), Battery (242PC) and Terrorist/Criminal Threats (422PC) as a result of an altercation that occurred in the UCLA weight room with Strength Coach Sal Alosi.

The D.A.’s Office announced they would review the arrest, but have apparently decided against pursuing a felony conviction against Combs. The decision could be based on numerous factors, including lack of evidence or lack of cooperative witnesses.

Now it will be up to the City Attorney to decide the disposition of the case. They could decide to press lesser misdemeanor charges or they could choose to let the case go entirely.

No matter what the C.A. decides to do, the odds of this mess resolving quietly just improved about 10,000%, which is probably what all parties involved want anyway.

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