What’s Bruin Show REPLAY – Re-listening To The 2014 UCLA Football Preview at Golden Road Brewing


I had recently stumbled upon a very special episode of the What’s Bruin Show from last fall as it became one year old. Hosts Bill Shirley, Jake Merrifield and I had taken the opportunity to honor our first year as a podcast by doing something special for our anniversary. We went to a brewery.

UCLA Bruins
UCLA Bruins /

UCLA Bruins

That is right, on August 14, 2014, we got bold and said “let’s do it!” as we had our first “remote” episode from Golden Road Brewing in Los Angeles. Not only were we allowed to record there, but Golden Road treated us like royalty. Check it out if you have not already.

So it was happening, but we were not alone. We invited some friends along and what resulted was what Merrifield calls, “Podcast Gold!” At least for a tiny podcast that wants to drink beer and talk about anything and everything Bruin sports all day.

Joining us on this epic session was Go Joe Bruin writers, Michael Hanna and Ryan Tabb. We were also joined by friend of the show Matt the “Cobra Nose” and Los Angeles Sports Hub writer Jamaal Artis. Together we have one of the best episodes in What’s Bruin Show history. That would be a year and a half.

The entire show was a huge risk because we had never done this type of show before with this many people and this much electronic equipment around this much liquid. What could go wrong? Thankfully nothing. But what we did get was great insight into the year that would be with UCLA Football.

Here are the chapters, if you will, for this episode live from Golden Road Brewing:

  • 2014 Fall Camp in San Bernardino recap, player analysis
  • Preseason rankings
  • UCLA Football Season Preview
  • Pac-12 Football Preview
  • Ed O’Bannon Ruling
  • UCLA flood
  • Preview of Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Soccer and Women’s Soccer
  • Reggie Carter interview

So yeah, it was a big show we are so glad it turned out the way it did… and I am glad nothing spilled on my keyboard. Still, it is a fun listen and if you are into the nostalgia of this past season of UCLA football, check it out. We thank you for doing so!

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