UCLA Football Recruiting: Gems of the 2015 Class


With Signing Day only a week away, we’re taking a look at some of the under-the-radar recruits in UCLA‘s 2015 class. These are usually 3 or 4-star recruits who tend to be over looked by the media for various reasons. In this piece we’ll touch on why these guys were overlooked, and why it’ll pay off for the Bruins this recruiting season.

Josh Woods

ILB/OLB, 6’0, 220 lbs.

Woods is an athletic linebacker who can line up on the inside and outside. His game is very similar to none other than

Myles Jack

. Both are excellent coverage linebackers who can also chase down the quarterback and running back when need be. Woods was overlooked mainly due to the fact that this was his first year playing high school football, and things might have been different in his recruiting process had he played all four years. Look for him to make an instant impact on special teams and possibly find some quality playing time depending on how he does in camp.

UCLA Bruins
UCLA Bruins /

UCLA Bruins

Victor Alexander

ILB, 5’10, 220 lbs.

Victor Alexander is an absolute animal. At times it honestly looks like he’s a rocket powered freight train. If he can find the gap in the offensive line the running back is going to have a bad day. He’s constantly looking to lay the boom on anybody in his general vicinity. While he isn’t the best coverage linebacker, it’s an area that he can continue to improve throughout his career. Along with his freakish athleticism he is also revered for his incredible leadership qualities, which would mean a lot to the Bruins who lose several captains to the upcoming draft.

The biggest knock on Alexander (if not the only) is his size. He comes in at 5’10 which is somewhat undersized for an inside linebacker, but he has shown the ability to play with the big boys down in Florida, now it just needs to translate to the Pac-12. A redshirt is a possibility for his freshman season simply due to the fact that we have several linebackers who can play the position and an abundance of special team guys who may be in front of him on the chart. Maybe we get lucky and he grows a couple inches during his freshman season!

Fred Ulu-Perry

C/G, 6’2, 300 lbs.

The coaching staff went all the way to the Aloha State to pick up the best center in the west. He is probably the most versatile offensive line commit the Bruins have in this class, as he can and has played every single position on the o-line for his high school. He shows great quickness along with a willingness to get out into the open field and block for his backs. What really sets him apart is his tenacity, Ulu-Perry shows no mercy when it comes to finishing off his blocks and laying down the extra (legal) hit, and that is something you always love to see in an offensive lineman.

Ulu-Perry is a classic example of a Hawaiian recruit, where he isn’t offered the same opportunity to showcase his talents that a mainlander is. Had he played at decent California high school he would have been rated even higher than his current mid 4-star level. The Bruins are getting a steal in Ulu-Perry who at this point is the heir to

Jake Brendel

, who will graduate from UCLA after this next season.