VIDEO: Devin Fuller Passes to Brett Hundley for a TD vs. Utah


UCLA football’s offense has seen significant improvement since Jim Mora hired offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone to install his spread scheme back in 2012. The trajectory of the offense has shot up ever since.

Much of that can be attributed to clever play-calling, but perhaps one of the most interesting plays Mazzone ran against Utah last Thursday saw Brett Hundley earn a touchdown in a way he hadn’t yet done.

He caught a touchdown pass. Check the video:

There, Hundley goes in motion under the guise of calling an audible to his offensive line. Jordon James takes a direct snap and pitches it to sophomore wide-out Devin Fuller, who sees Hundley open in the corner of the endzone and slings it to the QB for a touchdown.

This had to happen at some point, considering Devin Fuller was originally recruited as a quarterback in Jim Mora’s first recruiting class. Fuller made the switch to wide receiver when he requested immediate playing time from the coaches last season.

For Hundley, this is probably just another display of his athleticism and well-roundedness, as if we needed confirmation.

UCLA fans may remember that this isn’t the first time they’ve seen a QB catch a pass for significant yardage. The Bruins were duped by an eerily similar play Stanford ran during the Andrew Luck days. Have a gander at that, for comparison.

What goes around comes back around, I guess.