UCLA’s Shabazz Muhammad Shows Up To The NBA Draft Out Of Nowhere


Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA basketball star Shabazz Muhammad was selected No. 14 in the NBA draft by the Utah Jazz (for the Minnesota Timberwolves) on Thursday night.

Of course, as these things are with Muhammad, his David Stern-led introduction came with a bit of a buzz, because it came somewhat awkwardly. Six picks late. And with a hat that didn’t match the team that he’d be playing for.

Check the video at SB Nation (we’ll embed one as soon as the YouTube gets one up).

Quite an awkward exchange there. After Chicago selected New Mexico’s Tony Snell, David Stern mentioned that Snell was not in Brooklyn for the NBA draft. Instead, Stern said, Muhammad — who had been selected six picks before — was present, despite the fact that he hadn’t received an invite to the green room.

Muhammad then proceeded to take part in an interview with NBA player Shane Battier. That, too, was awkward (although in fairness to Muhammad, Battier’s presence proved to be pretty awkward all night long.)

Overall, it was a good night for Muhammad, who still wound up a lottery pick and will join fellow UCLA Bruins Kevin Love and Malcolm Lee, all while getting to crash the NBA draft and make an appearance, uninvited.

Plus, UCLA got to steal a precious moment from New Mexico, and if we’re not mistaken, it’s not the first time the Bruins stole something UNM cherished.