2012 UCLA Football Player Review: Devin Lucien


Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

“The freshman from Encino: Devin Lucien! He goes up and makes the catch!”. That, as said by an announcer during a game against Nebraska, was the story of Devin Lucien’s freshman season at the University of California at Los Angeles. Until suffering a season ending injury midway through the season, Lucien was climbing the ladder, turning on the jets, and well, doing what a great receiver should do. After Lucien broke his clavicle, the Bruins fell short on receivers, ultimately calling upon Jerry Johnson, Jordan Payton, and the like.

The Good: Lucien stepped up as a freshman catching 10 passes for 188 yards in just 5 games, including one he didn’t finish due to injury against Colorado. Giving an in depth analysis of his talent isn’t  right because he missed most of the season, but I can say that he has a lot of growth to do if he wants to build on his superior natural talent. He wants to be the best and that never hurts. Frankly, it’s what he most posts about on Facebook. Telling his fans he will return as the best.

The Bad: Well clearly after suffering his injury UCLA was left with only hope that he would return soon. I put this is the “bad” section because of its negative effect, but it’s not an issue with him. As for Lucien’s issues, there weren’t many that made themselves clear in the beginning of the season.  Hopefully he can stay healthy and be a leader next year. Hopefully, this time, he can lead throughout the whole season.

Areas for growth: Lucien clearly has potential but that will only shine if he can stay healthy. Not to worry though, one injury is not going to set the tone for his whole career. He should utilize his advantages to their fullest extent. Gaining yards after the reception should be no problem with the speed he has, but the objective is to condition his legs so he can break tackles. Similar to Johnathan Franlklin, and well, Marquise Lee.

Overall Grade: B+. Remember, this grade is based on the games he played in, not the lack thereof.