Fan’s Take: UCLA Bruins Fall To No. 8 Stanford In A Thriller



It’s still sinking in; today’s heartbreaking loss.  Football is said to be a game of inches and for the most part it’s true.  Sheldon Price came up inches short of defending a TD pass that ultimately won the game for Stanford.  Big Joe Fauria came up inches short of making a critical sideline catch on a late drive.   Fuller came up inches sort of getting out of bounds to stop the clock when we had no TO’s left.  The Mayor had a spectacular game, but took his eyes off the ball on a critical 3rd down play on the final that lead to a 4th and 5 and a failed 52 yard field goal try.  A bad snap that was inches too low.  Those inches magnified enough to cause a long enough and high enough kick to go just wide left.  In the rain.

Stanford earned their No. 8 ranking.  Nobody ran on Stanford.  Not Tailback U.  Not the Mighty Ducks.  Nobody, except for #23 Johnathan Franklin.  The Mayor of LA running behind his 3 freshman, 1 sophomore and one senior O-linemen tore up the Cardinal for 201 yards rushing and 2 TDs.

Stanford, however, won the game of turnovers.  In the pouring rain or in between, with treacherous footing, there was all of one pick and no fumbles.  The pick was turned to 7 points on a drive that should have led to a Bruin 10 pt lead at least.

That was the game, in a nutshell.  Both teams played every second of every play of every quarter from kickoff to final whistle.  I have to think back a long ways to recall a Bruin team that I could say that about.

This loss hurts.  Badly.  24 hours to mourn.  We’ll know where and who we play on Monday or Tuesday.  I expect Mora and Company to send the seniors out with a significant bowl victory, setting the tone for next season.

I just can’t wait for Signing Day and Spring ball!