UCLA Deflates High Flying Houston Offense 37-6


Kriby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Its clear from Twitter comments that this team has bought in to Coach Jim L Mora’s program.  UCLA is now 3-0, but far from satisfied.  Below are some of my Twitter feed comments that reflect Mora’s relentless pursuit of perfection.  Unlike Bruin teams of the recent past, there was no letdown against an 0-2 team after a huge win against Nebraska.  True, the Offense played their sloppiest game, with 5 turnovers.  However, the Defense rose to the challenge, bolstering the offense with a score of their own while nearly pitching a shutout.  Hang on for the ride; it’s only going to get better and better as the season progresses!

One last note before the Tweets for all you hand wringers who were whining about true freshman kicker Ka’ imi Fairbairn’s initial woes: Fairbairn was perfect tonight, making all 3 FGs and nailing his PATs.

Now, go run along and go find something else to wad up your panties.

"chris foster ‏@cfosterlatimesWhy wasn’t #UCLA satisfied?Mora: “Until we’re champions, we won’t be satisfied.”"

"Brett A. Hundley Jr ‏@Brettjr_17Bruins are 3-0!!! We will enjoy this for 24 hours. Mistakes were made and will be fixed. We can’t and won’t settle… UCLA FOOTBALL 2012"

"Jordon James ‏@Jordon_James6We got the dub, but we gotta get better #uclafootball"

"Jordan Payton ‏@JordanPaytonW for Westwood. #BruinUp"

"Sheldon Price ‏@PRICEBOY22ALL THe GLORY TO GOD !"

"SIMON GOINES ‏@goines_simonWe couldve played alot better tonight but good win #3-0"