UCLA Football Recruiting: Looking At 2013 Safety Vonn Bell


This summer, we’ve been looking at the prospective 2013 UCLA football recruiting class. We continue our venture into the recruiting world with consensus 4-star 2013 safety Vonn Bell out of Rossville, GA.

Yes, another Georgia recruit. If you aren’t used to Georgia recruits by now, you haven’t been paying any attention to UCLA’s recruiting. The Georgia pipeline is alive and well in Westwood.

From the video, we can say he has a lot to offer. He seems to put himself in the right place at the right time as often as he can, and he also has the speed to cover a large part of the field horizontally. Additionally, he seems to be a legit hard-hitter, something UCLA can use because the tackling in the 2011-12 season was garbage.

Do the scouting reports agree with this assessment? Yes. In fact, it doesn’t seem like the reports out there have a ton of bad material to spread out there about him. Even his profile on Scout has “size” listed as his only areas for improvement. Some reports have complained about his tendency to overshoot, impairing his ability to tackle, while also saying he’s still very good at tackling regardless.

The reports also rave about his ability to get to the ball as soon as its thrown, thanks to his speed and explosiveness, while also noting that he has solid hands for a safety (and we can see that much in the highlight video). Overall, people love the dude, and he’s a legit prospect, especially for a UCLA defense that seems somewhat void of depth in the secondary. We’ve had success with top-tier Georgia athletes, and this seems like the kind of dude UCLA must net, and very well could net.