UCLA Basketball Recruiting: Hey, 2013 PG Rysheed Jordan


This summer, we’ve been taking a long look at our prospective 2013 UCLA basketball recruiting class. Today, we continue with 2013 point guard Rysheed Jordan out of Philadelphia, PA.

Jordan’s a consensus 4-star recruit and has the size to be a legit point guard at the college level (at 6’3” and 180 pounds).

Before we take a look at the scouting reports, note that the tape on Jordan isn’t all that prevalent; you’re likely to find a few videos which might show things of substance, but not much. If you’d like, we suggest you do a search on YouTube for clips here and there. We especially love this little nugget:

The scouting reports, however, seem to confirm some of the observations you might make after watching a few of these small clips of Jordan, one of those being he’s a legit talent when pushing the ball and playing in a fast-paced offense. The reports also, however, think Jordan needs work playing in a half-court offense. Although he’s deficient in this area, the consensus seems to be that he definitely has all the tools to succeed in the half-court if he works at it.

They also note issues with his three-point shooting, mainly his consistency shooting from deep. That, however, doesn’t seem to be a major issue that scouts have with him.

Where does he succeed, beyond running a full-court offense? They rave on about the dude’s athleticism and ability to finish at the rim, which is crucial for a point guard that wants to penetrate and the fact that he can score right at the rim makes him even more potent in a half-court offense, once he works at that.

We’ll see what happens with the kid, but he’s a legit point guard prospect and can add a lot of things to UCLA’s point guard rotation (and can really add to a crew that has 2013 commit Zach LaVine waiting in the wings).