UCLA Basketball Recruiting: Checking Out C Marcus Lee


With UCLA basketball hot on the recruiting trail, there are still a ton of hot recruits waiting to sign to an elite institution in one of the most prestigious universities in the nation.

One of the recruits, whom we’re to analyze as much as we can, is center Marcus Lee, a 6’9” center/power forward from Antioch, CA.

First, a mixtape for Lee:

What to say? The dude’s a freaking athlete, just based on this video, and if it’s any indication as to what his strengths are, it’s safe to say he’s an incredible shot-blocker that, offensively, goes hard to the rim and finishes.

Based on the video, though, it seems as if he doesn’t play much of an outside game; only one of the shots taken was a jumpshot, and three others were not dunks (they were baby hooks in the paint). The scouting reports agree, with many saying he doesn’t have much of a perimeter game and needs to develop a mid-range jumpshot. This is crucial for a 6’9” power forward, because dunking and blocking shots isn’t going to come as easy unless you’re Serge Ibaka (and even then, he’s developed a hell of a midrange jumper).

There’s another knock on him that’s not so obvious that scouting reports point out: He’s not a particularly strong fellow. In fact, he only weighs in at 200 pounds, where most athletic 6’6” basketball players come in at 220. So he’s got a bit of muscle to put on to bang around more. He’s only 16/17, mind you, so it isn’t as if he can’t bulk up easily over the next year.

Either way, the dude’s obviously a hell of a prospect, with one scouting report saying that he’s either going to bloom or bust, rather than middling through college into the NBA draft as a second-round pick.

We could use a guy like this, DUH.