UCLA Football Recruiting: 4-Star OLB Myles Jack Commits to UCLA


The UCLA football recruiting class landed a nice pick-up in the form of 4-star outside linebacker Myles Jack on Wednesday.

Who is Myles Jack? He’s a 6’3”, 230-pound linebacker from Bellevue, Washington. Of course, it seems as if Jack has kind of gone under the radar, with only Scout (and Rivals) really having much on him in the first place (and he isn’t even ranked, or, well, indexed even, on ESPN’s top 100 recruits).

There isn’t much of those mixtapes on Jack either; dude played both running back and OLB in high school and most highlight tapes show him on offense. In essence, he’s somewhat of an obscure 4-star recruit as far as public information goes.

Of course, we’re going to trust Scout and Rivals that he’s a legit 4-star prospect. He also seems to be pretty damn articulate, and that’s always something we can use at any position. Here’s an interview conducted the day before he made his decision:

As has been beaten over the head here before, landing solid outside linebackers are more crucial than usual for this UCLA defense, because Lou Spanos is running a 3-4 base (with three down linemen and four linebackers). The outside linebackers are meant to play a dual defensive end/outside linebacker role and are the absolute playmakers on defense, at least as far as the backfield goes. We don’t know much about Jack’s ability to explode past defensive linemen, or if he does it with brute strength, but as soon as we find out, we’ll analyze the hell out of him. (No homo.)

For now, let’s enjoy another UCLA football recruit that’s committed to the Blue and Gold.