UCLA Students And Student-Athletes Graduate: As Told By Twitter


Now that the UCLA quarter is over, our Bruins have graduated, finally, because UCLA ends its academic year later than most US colleges.

Either way, their time to walk is here. And since UCLA held pretty much all their graduation ceremonies, including the student-athlete-only graduation ceremony. Of course, excited people they are (and rightfully so), UCLA athletes tweeted about it.

First, All-World tight-end Joe Fauria.

Former UCLA wide-out Nelson Rosario, who’s now a Carolina Panther:

From UCLA Athletics:

And again, UCLA Athletics and our tennis team:

How about another UCLA Athletics team, with some other student-athletes?

But this isn’t just the student-athletes’ moment. At GJB, although we cover predominantly athletics, we also celebrate UCLA in general. So how about some of our other Bruins, who got here with incredible academics?

Some words of advice, maybe? As I’ve said: Go to U$C if you just want a job. Go to UCLA if you want to be a game-changer, in all and every aspect:

This time next year, this will hopefully be me, celebrating my own graduation. For now, this is about them. Congrats to the student-athletes who graduated from UCLA, as well as the geniuses who are about to become game-breakers everywhere else.