Report: Savon Goodman Commits to UNLV


UCLA’s 2012 basketball recruiting class is vaunted, and that might be an understatement. We have the top-ranked class in the nation, with offers still hanging around there.

One of those was Savon Goodman, who would’ve been a nice fifth piece to UCLA’s fantastic class. Instead, he’s committed to UNLV’s basketball program. From Ryan Greene, a UNLV beatwriter:

That’s a solid pick-up for UNLV. Savon’s a legit 6’6” wingman who can provide a nice scoring punch. He’s no Shabazz Muhammad or Kyle Anderson (or Jordan Adams), but he’s got range and can slash to the basket pretty effectively.

UCLA shouldn’t be too hurt by this one, because the Bruins have stockpiled a crap-load of talent at the 2-guard and the small forward position (with Shabazz, Anderson, and Adams coming in to join guys like Tyler Lamb, Norman Powell, and the Wear Twins), and he likely picked UNLV for better promise of playing time since the Rebels are far less-stacked than UCLA.

UCLA’s top-ranked recruiting class status won’t take a hit here, and UNLV’s recruiting class finally added another top-100 recruit, crucial for them since they only had Anthony Bennett — the 7th-best recruit in the nation according to ESPN — and Katin Reinhardt, the 47th-best recruit in the nation. Outside of that, their recruiting class isn’t so spectacular, but adding Goodman, the 100th-best recruit in the nation, is a huge deal for them.

UCLA’s recruiting class consists of two top-five recruits, the 26th-best recruit in the nation, and the 41st-best recruit in the nation.

Don’t worry, UNLV fans. We’ll be okay.