UCLA Basketball: Shabazz Muhammad, Kyle Anderson and Tony Parker make Parade’s 2012 All-America HS Basketball Team


UCLA basketball’s top-ranked recruiting class is at it again.

Shabazz Muhammad, Kyle Anderson and Tony Parker have earned yet another recognition by their inclusion on a national list of the top prep basketball players.

This time, it’s the 2012 PARADE All-America Basketball Team, consisting of PARADE’s top 40 high school basketball players.

Also on the list? 4-star, undecided recruit, Savon Goodman, who the UCLA Bruins are recruiting to add to their best-in-the-nation recruiting class. Still no news about him other than the fact that he took his official visit to UNLV, but don’t worry: We’re constantly lurking his Twitter account, meaning we’ll keep you posted.

Either way, these national lists being dominated by Bruins is getting old, but we still welcome them. It’s a reminder that there is no recruiting class in the nation better than UCLA’s, a testament to Westwood’s appeal and the prestige of the university both athletically and academically.

They’re sure to bring some serious attention back to UCLA basketball, too, and as long as everyone learns their mistakes from UCLA’s vaunted-but-disappointing 2008 recruiting class, there’s no doubt in my mind that this team’s going to win a national championship.

This team’s primed, and so are we, so basketball season? GET HERE ALREADY.