UCLA Baseball Gets A Top Regional Seed, Will Play Creighton On June 1


Now that UCLA’s baseball team won its second consecutive Pac-12 championship, sharing the crown with the Arizona Wildcats, eyes were turned to the NCAA Tournament selection show, in which 64 colleges would be picked and seeded to participate in the national tourney.

UCLA, with their damn good 42-14 season season, got a top seed in the Los Angeles Regional. This city regionals are essentially 4-team mini-tournaments in which the winner moves on to the Super Regional. In our bracket is USD (University of San Diego), New Mexico and Creighton. Creighton is the fourth seed in that bracket, and UCLA is set to play them on June 1.

I don’t know how good Creighton is, but they’re 26-28 on the season, and when you’re below .500, it’s difficult to take you seriously. That said, UCLA’s baseball team has done a good job of pounding opponents they should beat (see: U$C), so some discipline should work.

Of course, UCLA will also have the advantage of home-field, since Jackie Robinson Stadium was chosen to host the Los Angeles Regionals, making this a legit advantage to get out of the regional tournament. Don’t ask me if that matters, but in almost all sports, home is where the wins are, supposedly.

It should be interesting, nonetheless. Teams that get into 64-team tournaments are still going to be squads to be reckoned with, regardless of seeding.

Either way, you can check out the entire 64-squad bracket here, and be sure to follow along with UCLA baseball action on their Twitter account.