UCLA Football: Finally, some Steven MANFRO facts!


Our boys at Punting Is Winning, clever little people they are, have started a trend, one that we all knew was coming: MANfro facts, regarding our scrappy, tough, shifty UCLA running back, Steven MANfro.

Let’s check out some of his facts first, yes?

"It’s not that the defense cannot tackle him on kickoffs, it’s just that they won’t.   Manfro’d….Lost in a camping expedition in Alaska and running out of fuel to sustain the fire, Steven kept the fire alive by rubbing two fires together to make bunch of sticks.   Manfro’d…..Steven Manfro never ran a wrong route, the coach just called the wrong play.   Manfro’d……"

Allow us to help add to this list:

  • “Sudden Death Overtime” refers to the very first moment in a game Steven MANFRO touches the ball. The game is then over and Steven MANFRO wins.
  • Steven MANFRO can run Joe Tresey’s 4-WTF-0-2 defense. By himself.
  • Inspired by Steven MANFRO’s arms, Rick Neuheisel implemented the Pistol offense.
  • Steven MANFRO is, in fact, Sarah Phillips.
  • Kevin Prince once made eye contact with Steven MANFRO. Well … poor Kevin has his eyes stuck this way:
  •  Rick Neuheisel came to UCLA’s Spring Game, not to see his son play, but to watch Steven MANFRO. Rick was then fired as head coach of UCLA football. Again.
  • During an emergency when UCLA ran out of kickers/punters, Steven MANFRO was asked to punt to the opposing team. He then proceeded to return that punt for a game-winning touchdown in the third quarter.
  • If you spell “Illuminati” backwards, it spells “Steven MANFRO.”
  • The NCAA pays Steven MANFRO to commit as many NCAA violations as he can.
  • The Charlotte Bobcats are tanking to obtain a number one pick in the NBA draft and select Steven MANFRO as a punt returner.
  • Spelling “Steven MANFRO” backwards gives you ORFNAM nevets. This is German for “Get the f**k out of my way.”
  • Steven MANFRO plays 15 out of the 11 possible positions on offense.
  • Steven MANFRO knows who UCLA’s starting QB is.
  • Steven MANFRO once kicked the opening kickoff for a regular season game. The kick went through the uprights behind him and scored the game-winning field goal.