UCLA Bruins in the NFL: Ladies and germs, UCLA undrafted free agents signed (UPDATED)


At the end of the 2012 NFL Draft, UCLA nation was distraught after having zero Bruins get drafted in the seven rounds.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re devoid of opportunity. What that means is that some of our Bruins have become undrafted free agent signees.

First, Derrick Coleman, our power-back who is all heart, has been picked up by the Minnesota Vikings. Pretty good fit, and while the guy down there is Adrian Peterson, I have no doubt that the Vikings could use a complimentary power back. Good for him.

Next, Taylor Embree is now a San Diego Charger; thank you so much, because I just so happen to be a hybrid Chargers-Dolphins fan. I am glad he didn’t make the piss-poor decision to become an Oakland Raider; those are for failed $outhern Cal QBs.

And then, of course, the Jacksonville Jaguars picked up UCLA wide-out Nelson Rosario, our top target last season and owner of many ridiculous catches. Check it:

Finally, DT Nate Chandler was picked up by the Carolina Panthers, thus bolstering their incredible front seven.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled to find any further UCLA Bruins who get signed. For now, let’s hope that these guys have had as big an impact as they have here at UCLA. May they represent the True Blue and Gold with class and excellence.

H/T: Hilarie Grey, from Twitter. Thanks!


UPDATE 1: UCLA Safety Tony Dye has been picked up by the Cincinnati Bengals. Dye was on the draft radar for much of the season, up until injuries ruined his senior season.

UPDATE 2: Cory Harkey has been picked up by the St. Louis Rams.

UPDATE 3: UCLA offensive lineman Mike Harris has been scooped up by the San Diego Chargers. (H/T: xonair, in the comments section below.)