2012 NFL Draft: 3 rounds, still no UCLA Bruins drafted


The 2012 NFL Draft is nearly halfway done, with rounds one through three in the books, and still no UCLA Bruins have been drafted.

Is this disappointing? Absolutely. Total shocker? Not at all.

UCLA’s football season was a tumultuous one last year in which the team did a good job of being consistent and making sure all positions were inconsistent. Tony Dye was on the draft radar for much of the season, but thanks to injury, he’s fallen off of everyone’s 7-round mock drafts.

Since then, Derrick Coleman’s name has been tossed around lightly, and Cory Harkey is the only UCLA player that shows up on Fansided’s Draft Pulse. In fact, it seems as if Harkey is the best chance for the Bruins to have an NFL draftee this season, and it isn’t much of a chance, especially with NFL.com letting Harkey have it:

"As a pass catcher, he isn’t a mismatch; although he’s much bigger than safeties, he isn’t faster, and that will be his main problem. To be targeted only once in an underperforming UCLA offense is not very attractive to NFL teams. Struggles to work off defensive ends and get into his routes, and he can’t separate from defenders. Will be considered a glorified sixth lineman in the NFL, if that."

Yep, a “glorified sixth lineman, if that.” That’s how far we’ve fallen. I want to cry.

Of course, Derrick Coleman is Mr. Intangibles out here in Westwood and he’s a really big dude who can bang the opposing line for some hard yards. NFLDraftScout.com has him going either in the 7th round, or getting on a team as an undrafted free agent. His hearing impairment, sadly and undeservedly, could cost him some stock. (Though we don’t know; we aren’t Mel Kiper.)

In other news, a select few players from Southern Cal were drafted, and will apparently receive a small salary raise.