UCLA Football: Spring Practice, Day 10 links


UCLA football finished its 10th day of Spring Practice. Let’s check in on the UCLA Interweb-o-sphere to see how it went:

Bruins Ball. It’s become habit and we’ve been spoiled that Bruins Ball has provided us with such legitimate info regarding these practices.

This time, Scott picked up a serious nugget from Jim Mora:

"If Mora were to put a finger on the strongest side of the ball, it would have to be the big bodies lining up against the run and pass.“[Right] now, the strength of this football team is the defensive line.”"

Wow. That’s a hell of a statement, because our biggest weakness last season was our defensive line. (Or at least one of many, if there’s a tie.) Of course, we must also consider that the prodigy, Ellis McCarthy, has yet to even put on a practice uniform. Yikes.

Also in there is some talk about our QBs, although there is absolutely no frontrunner for the competition.

Inside UCLA. Yet another pair of eyes who agrees with Mora’s statement that defensive line is our biggest strength right now:

"It’s no secret that the defensive line will be UCLA’s strength this season. Wesley Flowers is a beast out there and Datone Jones is like a classic muscle car that hauls on diesel. “We have outstanding depth,” Mora said. “And that’s without (five-star signee) Ellis (McCarthy). We have about eight guys that are legitimate players at this level. A couple legitimate at the next level. I think we’ll have a nice rotatio at end and nose tackle, be able to keep guys fresh. To me right now it’s probablly the strenght of our football team.” Mora said a big credit goes to D-line coach Angus McClure."

Oh, that’s gorgeous. The fact that we have legit “next-level” (meaning NFL-caliber) players lining up in the trenches should be scary for a lot of these Pac-12 QB’s. We’re coming for you, Matt Barkley.

Here is a video that Inside UCLA took of Richard Brehaut, talking about the offense and the QB battle.

L.A. Times. LAT had a (probably) nice summary of the QB battles, but because they’re idiots who want to charge, I’m not linking you to them. Just know that I am publicly protesting the L.A. Times; even though I’ve never read them before.

That’ll be all for today, folks. If you have any links you’d like to submit, hit us up on Twitter: @GoJoeBruinUCLA