You Are What You Eat: Kevin Love eats Rudy Fernandez, looks like him now


Aw, Kevin Love. That’s his face these days. He looks a little different than his UCLA days, when he was a tad chunkier and lighter. All that Minnesota sun has really toned his skin. We’re glad that he escaped Los Angeles’ no-sun-ever weather, because he looked pretty pale in Westwood:

Yikes. All this terrible weather out here in Westwood must’ve kept you inside too long, Kevin.

Of course, Kevin Love has done something terrible and almost unthinkable: He ate Denver Nuggets’ wing Rudy Fernandez and now he looks like this:


That really is Kevin Love these days, and how this has happened, we have no idea. The only real explanation is that he did, in fact, eat Rudy Fernandez. There’s no way you can look at the two pictures, side by side, and say that isn’t the case.

We have no idea what they’re feeding Love up there in Minny, but we’re almost certain now that it’s a heaping helping of Rudy Fernandez-filled Paella. Because this sh** is cray-cray.


(H/T: Fellow Bruin at Larry Brown Sports.)