UCLA Football: Spring Practice, Day 9 links


UCLA football is now done with nine days of Spring Practice, with Saturday’s practice consisting of a lot of scrimmaging and, possibly, the emergence of Brett Hundley. Instead of the normal exposition, let’s just jump right into the links from practice.

Bruins Ball. As always, we start with BB’s as-always bad-ass coverage of the practices. Scott notes first that the crowd was sizable after what looked like waning attendance numbers. Defensively, our Bruins looked pretty damn good, with Marcus Rios being the standout dude from the entire squad:

"Rios, as the other defensive highlight of camp so far, has been showing a mental aptitude not particularly common amongst true, early-entry freshmen. Lining up with the first team defense, Rios stepped into press coverage with purpose behind it; Anticipating a swing to the RB, Rios took the space away from the offensive player and tackled him for what would have been a five-yard loss."

The post also goes on to note how good Rios is at recovering from earlier mistakes. The dude seems like an animal; we’ve got four years of this stud, you guys.

As for the QB battle everyone is crazy about, there is still no clear frontrunner, although BB notes that Brett Hundley had the best practice of the day with Jerry Neuheisel taking a major step back as a result of taking the least snaps.

Inside UCLA. Injuries continue to plague our squad during practice, which is a really big deal, because now, Patrick Larimore and Aaron Wallace (both linebackers) probably suffered concussions. Dammit.

There was also this nice video interview of Hundley:

L.A. Daily News. Miguel Melendez, who also filled in for Jon Gold at Inside UCLA — an L.A. Daily News-owned blog for UCLA — broke down some of the injuries and the length of practice on Saturday, as well as its intensity.

That’s it for Day 9 links, guys. Sorry for the brevity, but everything will hit normalcy as soon as the 1950s come back.