UCLA Football: Spring Practice links, Day 8


The halfway point to UCLA football’s May 5 Spring Game has come and gone, and our boys at Spaulding are making a last ditch effort to try and solidify themselves for any available roster spots.

Except, the position that everyone can’t shut the hell up about — including yours truly — at quarterback doesn’t seem to have found a suitable starter. Yet.

Of course, there were still some very nice takeaways in this whole “Jim Mora” era thing. But because your lovable narrator couldn’t make it down to Spaulding — again; I’m such a poor blogger — we have provided you with some of the best news out there. Let’s take a look around the UCLA blogosphere to see what’s the haps, dawg.

Bruins Ball. It’s been eight practices since our boys down at BB first started covering UCLA football and, my damn, was this the crew’s best work so far.

Scott Robinson breaks down some things of real importance, such as the QB competition, which has gotten noticeably crappier. Read:

"Whatever the problem might be with the football, the QB’s showed they did not have a solid grip on it today. Between QB’s Kevin Prince, Richard Brehaut, Jerry Neuheisel and Brett Hundley, there were at least three INT’s."

Dude, seriously? Interceptions? Stupid. We’re a little upset at our quarterbacking core, and even more upset that Kevin Prince has decided to be really good again (according to Bruins Ball), after previously having some piss-poor practices. The dude’s been inconsistent his entire career at UCLA, and I would’ve been happy if he sucked for two straight practices. (Actually, no, but at least I wouldn’t be so confused.)

Mora also got in some people’s ears, but we’ll let you click on over there.

Inside UCLA. Jon Gold highlights some important things, namely a loss in vigor on the practice field. That said, Mora seems to be pleased with how things are running. I guess, dude. Also: DB Librado Baracio is pretty much done for the season, thanks to a torn ACL. That. Sucks.

UCLABruins.com. Here’s a video of Jim Mora’s usual post-practice presser:

Jon Gold ain’t lying, dude. Mora was super upbeat after practice, and apparently the tempo was a lot slower. That said, Mora also has implemented more 11-on-11 scrimmages and situations. He also raves on about his defensive line and linebackers for being scrappy and aggressive, which is good, because last year was, well, did we have a defensive line?

The last bit of the video is really important: He wants his players to trust his coaches, and to be able to feel welcoming and mentor-like. Being a total hard-ass is fine, but when the players are constantly suspicious of the staff, while knowing they’ll never get praise, it means the coaching staff is doing a terrible job, and one that’ll have a hard time connecting with the guys he goes to battle with. Good to know Mora’s taking that approach.

LA Times: Well, Spaulding Field, largely ridiculed for being 80 yards long, is getting somewhat of a makeover due to the myriad of injuries. Check it:

"UCLA will put new synthetic turf and natural grass fields on Spaulding Field, the football team’s practice facility.The project is roughly estimated to cost $1.2 million and could begin as soon as spring practice ends May 5 and be completed before practice resumes in August."

Nice! I can dig it. I didn’t think that the injuries might be a result of the field, but the L.A. Times does bring that point up.

That’s it, you guys. Hopefully next practice is a little cleaner, as we go on scrimmages. Depending on how much reading yours truly is supposed to do, I’ll be at Spaulding this Saturday. (I’ve said that three straight weekends, but whatever.)