Jim Mora and his dad used to coach on a 60-yard field behind an electrical plant


Jim L. Mora is an old, wise guy, you guys. He’s 50 — he really looks like he’s 35, but whatever — so he’s been around the block once or 39 times.

He’s seen it all. You have a baby kangaroo that has genetically mutated into a teenage turtle? Please; Mora’s been there done that. You have a supercomputer that can read minds? Mora’s seen that trash since he was 10. You have a viable political candidate for 2012? Mora has see– well, OK, maybe not that.

So when people talk to him about Spaulding Field only being 80 yards, well, that don’t impress him much. Because he’s seen worse. From the L.A. Times:

"Further improvements to Spaulding Field will be considered in the future, which could include a football team house. The turf is the only plan at the moment but Guerrero said, “We will investigate the feasibility of making other improvements to the facility.”Both the natural and synthetic fields will remain 80 yards long.“That will be great, but it’s not something I dwell on,” UCLA Coach Jim Mora said. “I worry about the guys on the field, not the field guys are on.“When I was coaching the Saints with my dad, our practice field was 60 yards of grass that backed up to an electrical plant. Then we had 40 yards of what you couldn’t even call AstroTurf. You didn’t want to walk across it. And we were as good a football team as I have been around.”"

This is one of those moments where I’m allowed to say “hahahaha” in a blog post and still be totally professional.

Really? Sixty yard-fields backed up to an electrical plant? My goodness.

Here’s probably some other places Jim Mora can coach on:

  • Muggsy Bogues. Everyone remembers that cute, little professional basketball player? Little, though? Not little. Not to Jim Mora.
  • Steven Manfro’s testosterone levels. Well, now we’re talking about entire planets’ worth of space. Scrap this one.
  • Doug Gottlieb face. Jim Mora’s already “practiced” here. Give him a challenge, yeah?