UCLA Basketball: Shabazz Muhammad will finally make his decision this Wednesday


So you know the saga that has been Shabazz Muhammad’s decision as to which school he’ll attend? Y’know, the one that’s finally been narrowed down to Duke, Kentucky and our UCLA?

Well, that saga’s about to end this Wednesday. Thank God:

You have no idea the kind of relief I have. It’s not that I dislike that Shabazz has been dragging this out until the final moment — if I’m 17 and have the talent of Kobe Bryant, as well as all the hype surrounding him, you can bet your ass that I’m enjoying the moment, even if I’m stressing over which programs to attend before I go on to make millions of dollars as a professional NBA player. These are situations I think about daily.

Of course, UCLA’s inclusion in the No. 1 recruit in the nation — and what people are saying is the highest-rated prospect in a long time — is a sign that our name and tradition goes a long way; that despite these past three years, where two of them had ended up in turmoil and no NCAA tournament berth, UCLA is still a basketball powerhouse.

We already have a top-5 recruit in Kyle Anderson, a lengthy, crafty 2-guard. We have Jordan Adams. Tony Parker, a 6’10” center and 4-star recruit is also considering UCLA along with Muhammad. Add that to our roster of the Wear Twins — role players, really — Norman Powell and a fit Josh Smith — if he actually does get fit — and we’re damn near unstoppable.

Of course, Kentucky’s got a hell of a line-up to boast, too, if Muhammad and top-5 recruit Nerlens Noel also head down that way.

Either way, this decision has been a long-time coming, and we’re glad that it ends, so we can stop living in suspense.