POLL: Outside of UCLA, what sports teams do you love?


Based on some interactions on Twitter, it seems as if a ton of our Bruins have allegiances outside UCLA. This is totally OK, as long as no Pac-12 schools, or any other colleges for that matter, are involved.

There’s a lot of division among UCLA fans, students and alum as to which teams they support. In baseball, the San Francisco Giants seem to dominate former Westwooders, while the local L.A. Dodgers are a close second. In basketball, it’s likely that the L.A. Lakers are the dominant team and, personally, I’m a Laker fan. It also seems as if the San Francisco 49ers are the team for Bruins, where I am a total San Diego Chargers freak.

So it seems as if the major divisions include NorCal vs. SoCal. For some reason, NorCal looks like it has the more dedicated fan-bases, but who really knows?

So it’s time to poll our readers, to get this out of our system.