UCLA is sixth on high school kids’ list of dream schools


High school kids are an interesting bunch. They sit there in their AP classes, picking their noses while daydreaming. (I still do that sometimes … don’t ask.)

What’s in those daydreams? College life, of course. While some dream of being total geniuses as undergraduates at their next level of education, others dream about the hot women (*drool*), the parties and livin’ the life outside of home. Of course, the very moderate group is thinking about both. Parents also have some dream schools in their mind for their child.

So if a student is thinking about college life, which schools are on their mind the most? The Princeton Review had the same question (I’m so sure I had this question first, but whatever) and decided to use their financial resources to poll over 10,000 people (over 70 percent being college hopefuls and the rest being parents of college hopefuls). That’s a ton of people, so we can assume that the validity is super high.

The results? UCLA was on the list, and so was that school on the other side of town, #FUSC. Of course, we ranked higher (did I even have to tell you that?) at sixth on the list, where as that other school ranked tenth. (We’re guessing a good chunk of those students were the ones only thinking about the hot women and the booze, although I’d argue that the women at UCLA are so much more attractive and way, way smarter.)

Pretty crazy stuff. So who’s on top (that’s what she said)? Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU and Princeton. It’s important to note that students were told that admittance and price shouldn’t factor into their answers. If they did, we’re so sure UCLA would be number one, since we provide an Ivy League-quality education at a state school price. (For now, at least.)

How does this tie into athletics? I don’t know, since Harvard, Columbia, NYU and Princeton don’t exactly compete in anything, although Stanford has a pretty legitimate athletics program (but are far more known for their academics). If athletics played a major role in these types of things, we’re sure Duke, UNC and Michigan would be right up here (given they’re up there in terms of academics and athletics). But alas, they are not.

Either way, it’s good to know we’re on students’ minds. Hopefully, they can turn their daydreams into reality.