Suspensions For UCLA After Desert Melee


Just as I expected, Pac-12 Conference Comissioner Larry Scott came down hard on Rick Neuheisel’s football team after they not only got embarrassed with a plain old fashioned tail whipping in Tucson against the Arizona Wildcats, but were also involved in a brawl just before halftime of the 48-12 debacle.

In a statement, Scott said, “The conference is extremely disappointed in the actions of the student-athletes involved in this incident. It is unacceptable behavior and violated conference rules (and) NCAA fighting rules.”

Here’s a list of the Bruins – all sophomores – who are suspended, with the number of games they are to serve:

Cassius Marsh, DT:  Two games

Taylor Embree, WR (who was ejected for throwing a punch):  One game

Randall Carroll, WR:  One game

Ricky Marvray, WR:  One game

Shaquelle Evans, WR:  One game

Albert Cid, OG:  Half-game

All of these Bruins will sit out the game vs. California at the Rose Bowl next Saturday, October 29th, with Marsh having to miss the following game against Arizona State as well; Cid will likely play in the second half of the Cal game.

Needless to say this maims UCLA at the reciever position, as only Josh Smith and Nelson Rosario will available among that regular corps.

Interestingly, the Bruins have all-time receiving great Jerry Rice’s son, Jerry Rice, Jr., on the active roster. Like his father, he is a wide receiver, but unfortunately he doesn’t match his dad’s talent.

What puzzles me a bit is that Marsh was suspended two games while Embree, who was the one tossed from that Arizona game, got only one. Apparently the tapes caught something that the referees missed.

I don’t like cliches, but this certainly goes under the category of, “When it rains, it pours”.

A loss to Cal will complete the trifecta, but I say let’s cross that bridge when – and if – we come to it.

Because call me naive, silly, and living in a fairy tale world, but I have faith that UCLA will somehow pull out a win against their older brothers from Berkeley – we’ll see next Saturday.