Aug 31, 2013; Lincoln, NE, USA; Nebraska Cornhuskers running back Ameer Abdullah (8) rushes against the Wyoming Cowboys in the second half at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Previewing Nebraska vs. Southern Mississippi


UCLA enters a bye week with the intent of focusing on and preparing to head into Lincoln, Nebraska – a city with one of the best fan bases in college football. Taking that same initiative, let’s focus on Nebraska this week as they take on Southern Miss. If you’re interested in what to watch for, you can read up on it here.

Nebraska recently came off a less-than-impressive win against a mediocre Wyoming team – a game decided by a grand total of 3 points. The Husker’s quarterback in Taylor Martinez took a blow to his shoulder, but don’t worry. He’s a tough and athletic QB that’ll stick it out or move past his injury like it never happened. Assuming he plays 100% on Saturday, here’s how we can expect the game to go.

Martinez and Co. are prepped to come flying out of the gates with the intent of striking early; they’ll do just that. While nearly giving away the game to Wyoming was quite the scare to their fan base, it was probably good for them in the sense that they know what’s at stake now; they got a reality check, and most teams have to wait a little longer to get that, so if you are a Husker fan, be happy for what’s to come. That being said, the team does have issues to consider. With a defense that has given up over 1,800 yards of offense in its last three games, Bo Pelini has got to figure some things out – and who better to try it against than a team that has lost 13 straight? Nebraska is going to get a great shot to stuff a weak running team that gained only 23 yards on the ground in their season opening loss.

The passing game is another story though. The Huskers watched the pigskin sail over their heads time and time again for 383 yards last Saturday, and it wasn’t pretty. Southern Miss passed for only 6 yards less than that in their opening game – so it’s evident that Nebraska cannot play another game like that again.

Again, though, this is a perfect opportunity for Nebraska to give new things a try, because even if the Golden Eagles pass for 377 again, their defense won’t be a match for Huskers’ strong running game. More importantly though, it allows Nebraska a little time to prep for their battle with the Bruins at home. UCLA, with one of the most potent passing games in college football today, distributed the ball to 12 different recivers in their matchup against Nevada – and for Nebraska to keep up, they are going to have to remember that even if they shut down the Bruin passing game, Jordon James rushed for 155 yards in opening game. In other words, they have to focus all over the field.

While Nebraska may score in excess of 40 points against Southern Miss, their defense is going to let up in an attempt to try new things; respectively so. It’s looking like Nebraska’s going to finish the week at 2-0, after defeating Southen Miss 45- 24.

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    Not too concerned. You act as if the Huskers don’t have a running game or passing game as well…Nebraska’s stable of backs are far superior to UCLA’s. Ameer Abdullah, Imani Cross, and Terrell Newby are all studs! 2 of them are All-Big 10 material. As for WR’s, Kenny Bell, Jamal Turner, and Quincy Enunwa are all NFL caliber WR’s. Nebraska is a better team than 2012 and their defense is very talented, just young. Also, keep in mind, this is the first time Hundley will be playing in front a hostile crowd. 92,000 in red…right on the field.

    Nebraska 45-38 over UCLA

    • Ryan Tabb

      I did mention that the Huskers have a strong running game – in fact, I said that Southern Miss won’t be a match for their running game. I was also focusing on defense, so, in reference to “the passing game being another story”, I meant the Southern Miss Passing game. For sure, it’ll be a great game in Lincoln against the Bruins, and like you said, it will be quite the challenge for Brett Hundley as he plays in front of a huge crowd. That being said Nebraska’s passing game should have a chance to flourish against a young Bruin secondary. Thanks for the read!

      • JPIII

        Fair enough. I do feel the game with incredibly entertaining, as it was last year.

        • Ryan Tabb

          I sure hope it is.

  • Jasper

    Impressed that you’re writing a blog at such a young age, but you really do need to edit better if you want to be taken seriously.

    lets focus on Nebraska – let’s*
    less that impressive win – less-than-impressive*
    heres how we can expect the game to go. – here’s*
    whats at stake now – what’s*
    happy for whats to come. – what’s*
    Nebraska is gonna get a great – will get*
    its evident that Nebraska – it’s*
    wont be a match for Huskers strong running game. – won’t*, Huskers’*
    even if the shut down – they*

    • Ryan Tabb

      Thanks, I’ll go back and change them now. I recently went from four to ten posts a month, so I have less time to write and sometimes, as you noticed, I mess up. Also, I’m just learning. Like you said, I’m young. Thanks for the read though! Any feedback on the content?

    • Jasper

      Good content, I think you’re right about most of it. Nebraska’s biggest problem on defense isn’t the secondary, despite the passing numbers Wyoming put up. It’s a lack of productivity from the front four. Nebraska has had major problems pressuring opposing quarterbacks and getting tackles-for-loss. The defense as a whole just hasn’t seemed to gel or “get it.” Also has a lot of young players starting this year. Their offense is good enough to score on just about any team not named Alabama or LSU, but has hurt itself repeatedly over the last few years with turnovers and penalties.

      I think Nebraska plays better than they did against Wyoming and is more fired up/mentally ready, as I agree, they got a reality check in the opening game. Hard to say what will happen, I could see a blowout in favor of UCLA or a close game like last year, but I think UCLA wins this one in the end. Hundley is a good quarterback and Mora will have the team prepared, especially given the bye week, and Nebraska hasn’t been clicking on defense for awhile. Anyway, hope for a good game and some revenge for last year. Go Big Red.

      • Ryan Tabb

        Glad you liked it, and I’m also hoping for a game like last year. It’ll be a blast no matter which way the score leans.

  • nebsker

    Charitable write-up. Bridgewater isn’t mobile so our defense should look a lot better. We got pressure on Smith (Wyo QB) last weekend but the squirrely bastard always squirted away.

    Hundley should have a career day against us. Gon be ugly.