UCLA Football: The Benefits of Shifting to the 4-3 Defense

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The Benefits of a 4-3 Defense – Part 4

The final and most important reason a shift to a 4-3 heavy defense works best for UCLA is because it simplifies the game. Most of these players played in a primarily traditional 4-3 defense in high school and that is where they shined. This scheme doesn’t force them to think as much and I am not knocking their intelligence.

I do believe the Bruins could roll out a 3-4 front seven and make it work. However when you ask your players to think that much they are slowed down instead of being allowed to just play.

Defensive coordinator Tom Bradley also knows that he isn’t limited blitz wise by using a 4-3 and can still be just as creative while maintaining strength and numbers on the field.

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The Bruins have assembled plenty of top talent, now it is the time for them to assemble a top defense.