Pac-12 Over/Under Win Totals Released for 2015 College Football Season

9 of 14

Arizona State: 8 wins, -105 over/-125 under

Source: ESPN

The Sun Devils are back and hungrier than ever before. This is a passionate bunch with fire in their bellies. They have already made some promises to the fans for this season, so it will be interesting to see if they can keep their word. They’ll have many opportunities to impress their fans in person, as 8 of their 12 games are at home.

After patiently waiting for his moment to shine, Mike Bercovici will finally get his chance, and people are already getting excited, some maybe even a bit too excited, but it makes sense. Bercovici is full of charisma, has a great story and is a pretty good guy to follow on Twitter (@MikeBerco). If you asked Disney to make a football movie, the quarterback would basically be Bercovici.

The Sun Devils’ first test to see if they’re really worth a Hollywood ending comes against Texas A&M. September 5th can’t come soon enough.