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UCLA Football: DB Tahaan Goodman Laments Lack of Playing Time on Twitter

After one of the best defensive performances UCLA has ever displayed in the second half of their tilt with Nebraska, one of UCLA’s most touted freshmen decided to voice his displeasure.

Four-star defensive back Tahaan Goodman, who committed to UCLA with Priest Willis as part of a package deal, recently complained about his lack of playing time on Twitter. From Edward Lewis:

This isn’t the kind of reaction you’d expect from a freshman two games into the season. It also isn’t the kind of reaction you’d expect from any defensive back who just watched his team hold Nebraska to under 150 yards in a half and no scores all game.

Basically, it’s not the right reaction. As a reminder, the Bruins have played two games and both games, the defense adjusted well, while the secondary has been nowhere near as bad as many thought it would be. With Fabian Moreau and Ishmael Adams keeping up with top targets from Nevada and Nebraska step-for-step, it seems rather petty for Goodman to take to a public space and complain about playing time.

And it isn’t as if this coaching staff is shy about playing youngsters. In the Bruins’ first game against Nevada, UCLA gave minutes to 14 freshmen, 13 of which saw the field in the first quarter. Sure, this coaching staff has its flaws, but favoritism doesn’t appear to be one of them. But this is what happens when you have highly-touted recruits sit on the bench their first year.

The tweet has since been deleted from Goodman’s timeline.

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  • Allen

    Take your English class seriously. Work your a** off on the football field. Let your level of play do the talking—not your dumb a** fingers on twitter

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  • Glojo

    Even much more petty is a bunch of adults making such a big deal out of this. He’s a kid, he was voicing his feelings on a social media site where frankly too many adults spend too much time hanging on to these kids every move.
    Was he right to do this, probably not. He should have considered some of his teammates who are Redshirting,or may never see the field, or even the one who will never see or walk on any field ever again before he began tweeting his displeasure . Hopefully with the proper guidance/admonishing from coaches, leaders and mentors, he can learn from this.

    Making this a big news story IMO is childish within itself.
    Time to move on to a topic of much more relevance. This is not it. Let the coaches take the opportunity to teach him something in this situation. We need to leave it alone!

    • carlosatUCLA

      Go start your own blog and hit me up when you’ve got the ideal content then.

  • lcompy

    Griping on twitter on the day of his former teammate funeral service ? That tells you enough about how selfish and self-centered that kid is.

  • c2blum

    Goodman is/was probably going to play this wknd against NMST, at least the lament was already pulled off twitter