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UCLA Basketball: AD Dan Guerrero's Interview With OC Register Made No Sense

Much of the UCLA hoops fanbase is still pretty ticked that Steve Alford is now the head coach of the Bruins. From a moral standpoint to a basketball one, Alford has his legion of haters.

Which is probably why Dan Guerrero continues to try and defend his department’s hiring process. Many times, though, this backfires pretty badly.

Case in point: Ryan Kartje recently interviewed Guerrero about UCLA basketball and the hiring of Alford. Spoiler: It really didn’t go that well for Guerrero.

Some tweets from Kartje follow. (Side note: Kartje has been brilliant on the UCLA beat since he took over some time last fall for the OC Register.)

First, Guerrero intimates that there wasn’t many coaches to choose from; implicit in this quote was that there was little interest in the UCLA gig:

Well, alright.

Guerrero continues to say absolutely nothing:

We’re not totally sure what that means, and if we’re mistaken, no one really does. (“Role Models,” anyone?)

Guerrero went on to say more … uh, “stuff.”

I don’t know if anyone’s told Guerrero, but success in postseason play (or in Alford’s case, a lack thereof) is generally factored into the body of work. It’s also fair to note that Guerrero’s throwing the phrase “great coach” pretty loosely here.

People already dislike Guerrero (that’s generous, really; most hate the man’s guts), and these quotes aren’t doing him any favors. It appears that, every time he’s asked about the once-vacant UCLA gig, he chokes a bit on his tongue.

Perhaps it’s in Guerrero’s best interest to never discuss UCLA hoops ever again.

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  • Bball Fan

    He is clueless

    • carlosatUCLA

      That’s generous.

  • barry1817

    Whether Dan is clueless or not will be measured by the body of his work

    renovated Pauley, new swim and dive stadium, major improvements at baseball stadiums, host of NCAA titles, change in football attitude–after a time, and who knows what basketball will morph into, but might be interesting to come back next year at this time, and see what basketball did, and more important, what the new recruits bring to the table and if the recruiting centers will look at UCLA with favor, and come back from the coldness displayed, rightfully, to the Ben Howland regime.