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UCLA Football Disallows USC’s Field-Stabbing Tradition At The Rose Bowl

Every other year, the USC Drum Major takes to the Rose Bowl and stabs his sword into UCLA’s logo at midfield.

After UCLA fans took to the Internet to stop this tradition, UCLA officials informed the USC Band there will be no such sword-stabbing in Pasadena this Saturday.

From USC fan site Reign of Troy:

The 2012 edition of the USC vs. UCLA rivalry has taken an interesting turn, with five days left until the teams collide in Pasadena. According to a source close to USC’s Spirit of Troy, the Trojans’ band has been informed by UCLA officials that the school’s sword-wielding drum major will be prohibited from his traditional pregame stabbing of the grass this weekend at the Rose Bowl.

Furthermore, according to the source, the band has been told that should the sword be inserted into the turf, secruity would prevent the band from taking the field for a pregame or halftime show, as they would be limited to playing from the stands.

This is nothing but good news, and while we at Go Joe Bruin like to remain objective, as fans, it would be sickening for UCLA to allow this tradition to continue at the Rose Bowl.

According to Michael Castillo at Reign of Troy, the tradition is not unique to the UCLA-USC rivalry; apparently, the USC Drum Major does this regardless of location or opponent.

And while it’s USC’s tradition, it’s UCLA’s home-field. If spitting on an opponents’ logo was UCLA’s tradition, USC has every right to stop UCLA from doing such. It’s less a problem regarding the rivalry and more an attempt to protect from any sort of symbolic trashing of the UCLA script logo.

So good job, UCLA officials, and hats off to Bruins Nation, a site that receives a lot of criticism (and deservedly so) but also uses their clout for things such as this.

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  • c2blum

    Good injunction, although nestor and bruins nation will always be the garbage Fox News of UCLA.

    Nevertheless, in symbolic redemption, next year Joe Bruin should take a dump on the SUC logo.

    • LA_Banker

      Every time I read the foaming-at-the-mouth anger on their site, I totally get a tea party vibe.

      • Proud Trojan

        You wanna talk “foaming-at-the-mouth anger,” let’s look back at that PAC-12 video that so enraged you all last year… or at least our version of it

        • LA_Banker

          I’m referring to Bruins Nation big guy.

          • GoJoeBruinUCLA

            They have that FOX news thing going on. They support the exact opposite of what the UCLA athletic department supports in order to get a guy fired.

            It’s kinda dumb. Sure, the UCLA athletics department doesn’t market well or do much of anything well, but there’s no objectivity. Just know, though, that Guerrero’s contract expires this spring.

          • LA_Banker

            I honestly feel bad for the receptionists at the Morgan Center. I can’t begin to imagine how much BN disrupts their day whenever they mobilize for a new cause.

          • TE

            Bruin Nation is the voice of like 3 people. No one cares. They have about as much Pull as OJ does with his parole officer. Calling them Fox News is an insult. It’s more like North Korean Public Access News.

            And NO, Bruin Nation has Zero input on getting someone fired. They didn’t turn on Dumb Guerrero until I had to plead my case. I was amazed that one of the Editors (Not Murshed Zaheed aka Festor) actually acknowledged it.

            I got ripped for wanting to fire Rick Neuheisel in season 3. Guess what happened later? Hmmm, they take credit for it. I’m not into cyber bullying, but there’s no way in hell I’ll let anyone in the sports community think that website is the voice of UCLA.

          • TE

            I got made fun of and told I would be banned for going against Dumb Guerrero.

  • trojan

    You know what else is disrespectful? Losing 50-0.
    Stop trying to mess with tradition and focus on playing football.

    • Kyle Wheeler

      You sir, well played
      Fight On

      • GoJoeBruinUCLA

        You know how you got a Trojan backed into a corner, argument-wise?

        All they say is “50-0,” though we all know it adds nothing to the discussion.

        • SChick

          That is the only argument we need. When your team completely blows ours out in a similar manner, THEN you can start calling the shots. As far as we are concerned, you should be begging for our presence back on the field after your embarrassment of a show last year.

          • GoJoeBruinUCLA

            OK, it’d be great if you guys didn’t ever set foot inside our stadium again, but we’re contractually obligated to let the filth in and we *have* to play a game against you. We’d rather just take the Pac-12 South title and be done with it, but you insist on not wanting to concede.

            “That is the only argument we need” is also indicative of you having zero arguments ever.

          • SChick

            I am not sure why you even have the impression that your team has any sort of chance against us this year. Had you played Oregon, your record would be the same as ours. Had you already played Stanford, your record would be even worse than ours. Thank conference scheduling for your record. Okay, you beat a team that unfortunately got the best of us. But as your record also shows, you are not immune to upsets either. So, no, you don’t have anyone convinced that you are in anyway the superior team and it is a pretty sad thing that we are projected as favorites across the board despite the position you are in. This is because people can see behind the bullshit that is the BCS ranking and you’ll have to bring a little more to the table than that.

            Please, you do realize that the USC-UCLA game is the only reason why your stadium will be even remotely close to filled in any given season (minus the Rose Bowl, which you rarely partake in). Thank your lucky stars that USC even deigns you with our presence still, especially after the complete abomination you showed us last year. Count the revenue you receive from the game and take it with your mouth shut because you are literally riding on the coattails of our reputation. Without us, you have literally no relevance in the PAC 12 and your sad, sad display last year against Oregon is proof of this.

          • GoJoeBruinUCLA

            Hey champ, I know you’re having a fun time trollin’, You got some of your facts mixed up. We got 81K fans at the Rose Bowl against Arizona and 75K vs. Nebraska. We won both.

            Anyway, USC hasn’t beaten a team that currently has a .500 record all year. We’d beat Stanford and you guys missed Oregon State. You play Notre Dame, too, so it’s likely you kids end up with a 7-5 record. We’re statistically better than you on offense and have similar defensive stats, too. Oh, and we’ve beaten winning teams (see: Nebraska, Arizona, Arizona State while they were 5-2).

            Hope off, kid.

          • SChick

            And neither of those are stadium sell outs, yawn. Was that the best you got all season?

            And wow, you’ve just served to prove my point even more. You aren’t even playing Notre Dame… That’s two undefeated teams you guys missed out on thanks to scheduling. Pure luck, not skill. The only bragging rights you get are beating Arizona when they got the better of us. End of.

          • TE

            Notre Dame’s undefeated schedule means it’s like beating a high school undefeated team. Everyone knows Notre Dame was headed to play Louisville in the battle of shitty undefeated teams. Congratulations TURDJANS, that’s might be your one victory this year vs. a winning team.

            Also, you’re not even the Best USC this year!!! The University of SOUTH CAROLINA has you beat there too! My God, does it suck that the rest of the country refers to ‘SC as South Carolina?

            The only “End of,” this conversation is when you have to walk to class and risk death by drive by or stabbing. USC – University of Shot Chinese students!

          • LA_Banker

            You’re certainly welcome to ban us from playing you at the Rose Bowl (not sure that I understand the logic behind “our home field is our home field, so we don’t want to play certain teams,” but whatever).

            However, you couldn’t ban us from “your house” since the Tournament of Roses Association tends to invite us there in the post-season rather often. Aside from USC having won more Rose Bowls in totality, one would think that you’d have a better record, at least, of playing on your home field. And yet, USC’s winning percentage at the Rose Bowl is higher too.

            That the Rose Bowl welcomes USC there often, that USC wins more there, and that USC is much more closely associated with Rose Bowl history makes any claim that UCLA has about it belonging to UCLA dubious. Even legally, the Rose Bowl doesn’t belong to UCLA; it’s leased from the City of Pasadena. You rent it, lay down some blue paint, then promptly roll over and lose.

            I know you’re arrogant (and I respect that!) based on your record this year (and I respect that too), but before you get too far out over your skis, you may want to forget about protecting your house and try winning in it for once.

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  • Proud Trojan

    You all make me sick. We’re not “disrespecting your logo” we’re stabbing the turf our team is about to dominate yours on to fire up our fans and our team. Notice we “disrespect” our own logo as well. We don’t give 2 shits about how hurt your feelings are. Stop being pussies and do your talking on the football field. This is just pathetic. Notice you’re the ONLY ONES whining. Grow a pair.

  • Bigg Pooh Bruin

    Good for the Athletic Dept. I would have ran through the TV if this had happened this year! Now we need to work on this Uniform Deal. Time to End this “tradition!” Treat those Trolls like the visitors they are!!

    • LA_Banker

      You do know we *want* you to wear home uniforms at the Coliseum, as that’s how it had always been done up until the 80′s (including all of the classic USC/UCLA matchups), and it’s classic tradition, yes?

      What’s that you say? You’re a new bandwagon fan and less familiar with your own team’s history than fans of other schools? Gotcha.

  • Andrew Lee

    That you Bruins would even see this as disrespectful shows me how much tradition you even understand. It’s okay, I know that not having any tradition makes it difficult to understand, but this is ridiculous. The guy doesn’t stab the logo, he stabs the 50 yard line. If you watch when we play at ND, he simply stabs the field. It doesn’t have anything to do with the logo, otherwise he wouldn’t stab OURS at every damn game. Maybe you guys should ask yourselves why you have 200 gallons of baby blue paint on your field that gets in the way of the sword…

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA

      It’s not disrespectful, it’s about having autonomy. If we don’t want your guy stabbing our logo — intentional or not — that’s our call since it’s our home field. If Cal is cool with it? The people at the Coliseum are cool with it? Fine, but we don’t have to be cool with it.

      • SChick

        Since everyone else is cool with it, shouldn’t you guys take a step back to realize that hey, maybe you are being a bunch of whiny sourpusses (even before the game has begun)!

        • GoJoeBruinUCLA

          Letting things slide because “everyone else is cool with it” is for the thoughtless people that are too shy to take a stand. See you slimeballs on Saturday.

        • Cesar Vazquez

          Everyone is cool with allowing opponents onto their field to do a walkthrough… Is U$Cheat doing it? Nope. Why? Because they don’t have to… Just like UCLA doesn’t have to allow the drum major to stab the field, either. So is U$Cheat “being a bunch of whiny sourpusses?”

    • TE

      The grass at the Rose Bowl begs for mercy… Personally, I think it would be great if you could get ‘SC’s greatest alumni, OJ Simpson, to come to the Rose Bowl in his bloody glove and Stab the field. He’s obviously got experience at this, and wouldn’t miss the mark.

  • Donna Lujan

    Neither band should play at the others field, I addressed this issue with the leaders of both schools after attending last years game where the UCLA band was attacked by both the football players and the fans. Too many drunk, angry people attend these games looking for trouble.

    • Alford Wright

      You mean attacked by people like this dancing kid that was giving you guys advice? Listen to what the dancing kid is saying, seems like your AD did.

      Fight On!

      • TE

        I believe I read in the LA times that kid was shot for doing the Crip walk dance in Blood territory. Stupid Turdjan, he’s wearing blood colors! You’re doing the wrong gang dance!

  • Bruin4Life

    Not only is the stabbing of UCLA Log on the
    field is unacceptable, there a couple more unacceptable traditions that
    MUST come to an end:
    1. Why in the hell is USC still allowed to wear their Home Jerseys?? we don’t share the same freaking field!

    2. in the years past perhaps that tradition was acceptable because the rivalry was friendlier than it is today.

    3. there is nothing friendly about this rivalry anymore, we hate them!! and they hate us.

    4. why is their stupid band allowed to play on our home field??

    5. our bands playing at the same half-time show was acceptable in the
    past – it was “cute” not cute anymore, it is downright HIDEOUS!!!

    This ancient tradition MUST come to an end right now!! it’s our home!!!
    and USC needs to be treated like any other away team…they are NOT

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA

      1) USC and UCLA actually agreed to wear home jerseys at both the Rose Bowl and Coliseum, but UCLA screwed up massively by going in white jerseys last year.

      2) Yep, but the rivalry has taken new levels with UCLA being better than SC in football.

      3) Amen, SON.

      4) Because they know no one pays attention at half time.

      5) Fair enough.

    • SChick

      If I were a Bruin fan, I would be completely embarrassed to share the title with the likes of you. It is pretty clear from your post that you are a bandwagon fan since you have literally no clue about the traditions ingrained in the USC v. UCLA game.

  • LA_Banker

    I support the bands playing. As a USC alumnus, I support UCLA people sporting SUC signs, U$C shirts, etc. I support a Rose Bowl shuttle full of you 8-clapping at my girlfriend for wearing a cardinal/gold shirt. Heck, I even support you defacing our campus if it spurs rivalry interest. Why? Because it’s a rivalry, and that makes it fun.

    You don’t see OSU clamping down on Michigan (or vice versa), or anything like this in other rivalries. Heck, most rivalry games themselves (in other rivalries) are taken so seriously that one wouldn’t think of infringing on game tradition. Heck, Notre Dame (an even older rival of ours) even plays our fight song as a welcome gesture for the game… it’s tradition.

    We should be encouraging (healthy) smack-talk; not trying to put a muzzle on the other team.

    • Michael Castillo

      Yep. Michigan doesn’t prevent Ohio State’s band from dotting the i.

      • GoJoeBruinUCLA

        We aren’t Michigan or Ohio State. Traditions be damned, we won’t allow it.

        • SChick

          No, you aren’t. You are a sad, sorry team that wishes it knew what it felt like to be a real college football team.

          • c2blum

            Yeah suc and OSU have something in common – multiple ncaa violations and multiple vacated seasons

    • SChick

      Exactly. We don’t complain when Stanford’s band spends half our halftime shitting all over our school. It’s obnoxious and everyone hates that tree, but no one whines about it because it’s tradition. If I were a Bruin fan, I would be extremely embarrassed over this petulant whining displayed by the fans. Football is all about tradition and it is loser mentality to put in place such a measure.

  • Kimiyo Brown

    Well done, UCLAsucks- There is no better way of telling the world that you are pathetic and terrified of USC than putting restrictions on the Trojan Marching Band and trying to do away with a tradition recognized worldwide. Was it that since you can’t prevent the USC football team from scoring, you had to go aft
    er the next best thing? Or was it that you feared if we played Tusk and everyone yelled “UCLA SUCKS,” then your team would realize it’s true? What do you have against tradition? Y’all wore white jerseys last year and lost 50-0…obviously that didn’t work so well.

    “You are the definition of what a whining, winless culture does to a fan base and the fact your school backed you up on this should make any college football fan sick…Do you deserve the right to command a team that beat you 50-0 to do anything? How about you can start making demands when you score.” ~ Lost Angeles Blog

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA

      Get that Lost Angeles shit out of here. Dude’s a clown. He’s like a thought-leader and we’re not even sure that suc fans have minds of their own.

      Look at the standings, kid. 8-2 > 7-3. This isn’t 2011 anymore, and you’ll likely cling to that “50-0″ score your entire life, making it your crowning achievement, while you work at your middling 9-5 job wondering what it’d be like if you, y’know, made an impact on the world. You can’t, though, because you earned your degree from an expensive trade school.

      Screw your tradition; stab your field and your logo all you want, it’s not happenin’ on Saturday.

      • SChick

        50-0 is just the tip of the decades of achievements we’ve had over you guys. How many more times do people need to spell it out? In theory, you have control over the Rose Bowl. But in practice, you cannot deny that the Trojans have made more of a mark on that field than your school ever has (or will, realistically). Why do we tout 50-0? Because it happened just last year. It’s not as if we’re pestering you guys with the stats of a game that happened during our parents’ time. Give it 5 years before you can call it old news (which even then, can you blame us? It is such a beautiful outcome, the stuff of fantasies). I can see you’re getting a little salty and butthurt over the tone of your response. Chill out and let’s keep it about football.

        • TE

          Agreed. Look, I’m the first to admit this isn’t a rivalry… when a school beats your ass for 12 out of the last 13 years, it’s not a rivalry. Hats off to the Turdjans for your impressive play. Hell, we should thank you for the 50-0 ass kicking, because it helped eliminate Neuheisel. But a rivalry reignites based on the CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES:

          1. You WERE a national title contender. Hell, with that cream puff schedule, being undefeated or 1-loss team at the most (after Oregon) is disappointing. When was the last time a 3 loss ‘SC team existed this late in the season and we had a winning record???

          2. Your Coach Lame Kitten is getting fired if he loses this game. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Whether that makes you actually want to cheer for us, that’s on you.

          3. You can stab the Rose Bowl all you want if you win Sat. and play in the P12 championship game. I’m sure Oregon won’t give a shit.

    • TE

      You’re actually kind of hot. And you watch sports. Are you really a girl?

  • sdavis3398

    I’m a Bruin. I love my team. I don’t care if some dude in a skirt takes his sword out and stabs the grass. As a fan, I know PER-FECT-LY well what matters. What matters is the score after the game. The bus ride home for the skirt dude will be no less painful (whether he stabbed the field or not) as long as UCLA wins. I actually agree with the USC fans here. Let the pageantry be whatever it is. The game is all that matters. The score decides who’s happy and who’s sad. Period.

  • TE

    Please don’t ever give credit to BN for anything. They had virtually nothing to do with this. They can claim it, but the 3 people that read their blog have ZERO insider access to the program. If anything, the students rose up and spoke. They have about as much influence on Bruin sports as police officers keeping safety at USC.

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  • Lugg Luggski

    The perfect solution: Traveler the horse can instead trot to the middle
    of the field and relieve himself. Everyone would be happy. The
    Rosebowl grass would be enhanced by receiving some organic fertilizer
    courtesy of the Trojans. :-)

    • Lugg Luggski

      Actually Traveler MAY be banned next! He is a dangerous large beast
      that can cause injury or death to bystanders!! His hoof prints could
      cause a tripping hazard and some of the Bruins may also be allergic to
      horse hair.