UCLA Basketball: 3 Storylines You'll Get Sick Of Hearing This Season

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UCLA basketball is arriving in hours now, with the Bruins set to tip off a highly-anticipated season, a phrase we’re sure you’ve already gotten sick of hearing.

In fact, you’re tired of hearing a lot, we’re sure. Basketball, that sport, it loves its narratives, man. Anything for a Hollywood-type ending and finish, and the storylines help to keep a neat little framework embedded in our minds for us to easily digest new information regarding this UCLA hoops team.

But those storylines will become boring. Useless, even. During the games, while you talk to your co-workers, while you talk to the damn fans you sit next to at Pauley? You’re going to wish these storylines would just go away, if you haven’t already.

Here are those five storylines you’re going to want to see destroyed by the end of the season:

1. “Waiting for Shabazz”

You’re already sick of this one, and if you aren’t, what the hell’s the hold up?

The NCAA has taken its time in clearing the top freshman in the nation; after announcing an investigation to determine whether Shabazz Muhammad in late August, the NCAA has yet to give the public any clue as to whether or not Muhammad would be eligible to play for the Bruins in 2012-13.

It seems as if the NCAA will take this investigation into the season; UCLA tips off in just over a day, and it’s not like the board is going to figure this thing out before then.

So for at least part of the season, you’re going to hear a lot of, “uncertainty” about the UCLA basketball program because “freshman phenom Shabazz Muhammad has yet to be clear by the NCAA.”

Of course, you shouldn’t blame the broadcasters for having to get beaten over the head with this; instead, point your fingers at the NCAA for neither granting nor denying Muhammad eligibility, thus allowing the Bruins to game-plan correctly for the rest of the season.

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