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VIDEO: Watch All Of UCLA's Game-Winning Drive Against Arizona State

When UCLA took the field against Arizona State on Saturday, the Bruin fan-base was anxious. Not only had UCLA looked flighty in the weeks leading up to Jim Mora’s first in-conference test of his career as the Bruins’ head coach, but they were also playing in Tempe and ASU had been highly-disciplined, save for a loss to Oregon, for most of the season.

After UCLA battled back from an early 14-0 deficit, the Sun Devils took a late-game lead with just over 90 seconds to go. Up to this point, Jim Mora’s squads had not had the ball in their hands with a chance to win the game, meaning we had yet to see Brett Hundley lead a frantic, fast-paced, two-minute drill prior to today. Meanwhile, UCLA needed only a field goal to win a dramatic contest and Ka’imi Fairbairn had yet to prove he can be a consistent kicker.

Of course, everything added up and the Bruins pulled out the most dramatic — and likely the most meaningful, due to the fact that this was a conference road game against a not-bad team — win of the season. The final drive was a thing of beauty and our guy at Punting Is Winning captured the moment gorgeously:

Every single play was well-calculated and well-executed, culminating in a 13-play, 60-yard sequence of events leading to a feels-too-damn-good UCLA win.

Fans — myself included — didn’t think UCLA was going to win a battle against an Arizona State team looking for someone to take out their anger from an Oregon-provided shellacking on.

After such a dramatic final drive, it’s highly likely that the label — “same, old UCLA” — might have been uttered for the final time.

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  • robotchampion

    Watching that again, our O-line was stout. Looks like they saved the day.

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA

      They were so damn good late. That said, ASU was playing prevent, forcing UCLA to drive downfield. But even then, usually, there’s one sack on these kinds of drives. Hundley had time to piss in a cup.

  • Toma

    I couldn’t sit still watching this game. Really cool win for us.

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA

      I was all, “OMG YOU MOTHERF**KERS BETTER WIN THIS” at Sepi’s. Even the 80-year old man sitting next to me was going nuts. 80 YEAR OLD MAN AT SEPI’S GOING NUTS OVER THE GAME.