By The Numbers: UCLA Football Stats Vs. Colorado

You nerds love numbers. After every game, we’ll try to remember to pick through the stats for that game and provide you with a few interesting numbers for that game.


  • The number of rushing yards allowed by the UCLA defense, a testament to just how damn good that front seven is, with Damien Holmes and Anthony Barr being incredibly disruptive all game.


  • The number of UCLA offensive players which received a pass from Brett Hundley. Of those 12, eight receivers caught the ball at least twice. There was also a rare Ricky Marvray appearance.


  • The number of touchdowns UCLA QB Brett Hundley accounted for. Two of those touchdowns came through the air and the other two came on the ground.


  • The last year that UCLA had a road win this big, margin-wise. That win was against Washington State in Pullman in late November. Since then, UCLA has only won one road win by double digits, which was against Texas in 2010.


  • The new number of DT Ellis McCarthy, who received playing time — wait for it …. …… .. . . .    .  . . — at right guard on offense, making UCLA’s offensive line interesting to say the least.


  • The total amount of all-purpose yards from Johnathan Franklin, who caught three balls for 78 yards and ran 111 yards off of just 15 carries, returning to his Heisman contender form.


  • The number of offensive plays that UCLA ran against Colorado, a totally different tier above the 70 plays that UCLA ran against Oregon State last week, which bumps up the Bruins’ average to 83 plays per game, in stark contrast to the 64 players per game Rick Neuheisel averaged last year.


  • The amount of yards that the Colorado offense put up through the air, which only confirms our concern with UCLA’s secondary, in which Sheldon Price and Aaron Hester both struggled mightily, albeit a lot less than against Oregon State.


  • That’s us, bitches. GO BRUINS!!!

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  • 4everBruin

    Bitches?? Seriously? Go to Mass tomorrow, you heathen!

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA

      Ha, I had to do it. I had a Breaking Bad moment.

      • 4everBruin

        Jesus Pinkman Sandoval

        • GoJoeBruinUCLA


          • Passing stats

            In checking the passing stats, CU’s starter threw for 184 yards on 21 of 32 with a TD while backup QB was 2/3 for 42 yds & a TD against Bruin backups in garbage time. Doesn’t sound like much of a “struggle” to me by the secondary. How many yards/completions should CU have been held to?

          • GoJoeBruinUCLA

            I wouldn’t say struggle, but watching the game, the secondary is clearly a step behind the front seven. Look, we can be crazy-ass fans all we want, but we have to be critical. Considering it’s CU, I would’ve liked no more than 120 passing yards total, garbage time included.

          • Passing stats

            Ok, that’s fair enough but I think in today’s pass happy game anytime you a team to around 200 yards in the air, combined with under 100 rushing yards, that’s pretty decent defense in the Pac-12.

          • GoJoeBruinUCLA

            I suppose, but is Colorado really a Pac-12 team? They’re FCS level. They suck pretty hard.

  • Stumped

    Is 226 yards through the air a lot?

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA

      Average, but compared to 30 yards rushing it is.