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UCLA's Jim Mora Kicks Media Out Of Practice, LAT Thankfully Pulls Its Reporters

If there’s one thing observant UCLA and USC fans know about the Los Angeles media, it’s that they’re a bunch of attention-seeking divas looking for the next big scandal or story when there isn’t one.

Indeed, everyone but tried-and-true beat writers — let’s include Miguel Melendez of the L.A. Daily News and Edward Lewis of BSR, both solid beat dudes who are also pretty hilarious — has heckled Jim Mora about bland-ass questions with zero substance. The number of times that USC can come up in a conversation — or in some cases, the emergence of Brett Hundley — can only be tolerated so much.

Of course, that wasn’t Mora’s concern when he threw out the media from practice — although he’s subtly tangled with those reporters before.

No, Mora threw the media out because camera crews were setting up in restricted areas on the field, namely ESPN and KTLA camera crews. Also thrown out were UCLA’s sports information department employees, likely because they were a tad too “incompetent” (as Mora put it) to keep the camera crews out.

And, probably as a result, the LA Times’ sports section implemented a new policy:

God. Is. Good.

Now, media members won’t normally tell you how relieved they are or how troll-y the dudes can be (why shut down future job opportunities) but these LA Times folks can be a real pain in the ass.

T.J. Simers has constantly bashed UCLA for seemingly no reason other than having an ax to grind while Chris Foster, though more moderate, has been an absolute douche while covering the team. Both act as if covering UCLA football is a labor, so I’m personally glad that they’re willfully leaving. It’s for the best, because they blow.

Of course, people nationally will chastise Mora for throwing out the media, but this is less a result of the media reporting certain things than it is frustration with those camera crews setting up where they know they shouldn’t while the sports information department employees allowed it. It’s not as if the media isn’t allowed back in the next day, but you can’t expect Mora to throw out media members individually.

We know, we know: We’re being super fan-y about this and defending Mora more than the normal, non-UCLA fan would, but it’s no secret that the vast majority of the L.A. media is super bitchy. Those U$C fans will also ask how this is any different than Lane Kiffin throwing out Scott Wolf; the key difference is that Wolf was not interfering with practices, and that Kiffin singled out a reporter rather than sending out a general statement giving any sort of warnings.

The difference is night and day, and we hope that the Los Angeles media gets its shit together, possibly in the mold of the aforementioned Miguel Melendez and Edward Lewis.

Either way, this is a time to rejoice: The LAT is gone from UCLA practices and hopefully that’s the last we’ve heard from ‘em.

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  • 4everBruin

    Feeling a bit under the weather, I slept in late. The first Tweets on my timeline were about Mora kicking out his SID and Kiffin slobbering, “I love you” to his SID. My initial reaction (to the Mora story) was, WTF?!

    Springing up as fast as my battle worn 61 year old body would allow, I made it to the bathroom. After half drowning my face in a sink full of icy cold water to clear my bloodshot eyes, I staggered to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. The Gods were good to me; a steaming, full cup remained in the carafe! So here I sit, reading why Jim L Mora gave the media the hard boot.

    This is pure NFL style! Love it! Unlike the petulant, spoiled child Kiffin move on one reporter, Mora made a statement that applied equally to all. The UCLA SID bitchslap was perfect: they’re a direct reflection of Morgan Center and their overall incompetence. That the LA Times (via Chris Foster) will no longer attend UCLA and USC practices was priceless! Talk about making yourself even more irrelevant! No more BJ Slimers? Oh noes! God is Great!

    To be fair, I highly recommend the LA Times for those of you who own an aviary or pet hamsters, rats and such. Makes a dandy droppings catching cage liner.

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA

      You’re 61? You don’t act a day over 17!

      The LAT is the worst publication in LA. And this includes the “X-Press”

      • 4everBruin

        Regression is a wonderful thing! May you live long enough to enjoy a second childhood!

        The LA Times hasn’t been worth squat for decades. A pity.