Will UCLA Football Fans Be Outnumbered By Nebraska Fans On Saturday?

The UCLA football team is just days away from a marquee match-up with the Nebraska Cornhuskers, a team ranked 16th in this week’s AP poll.

Of course, Nebraska football has a rich tradition of success and a religious attitude towards football while also having a wide-ranging fan-base and incredibly involved alumni.

Which means every road game Nebraska plays will likely see a massive Nebraska contingency. And that will be the case this Saturday when the Bruins take on the top-ranked Cornhuskers. From the L.A. Times:

Nebraska ran through its ticket allotment and came back for more. The school has sold about 8,000 tickets, according Keith Mann, assistant athletic director for media relations. But more than 8,000 Cornhuskers fans are expected.

“California has the third-most Nebraska alumni, after Nebraska and Colorado,” said Shannon Sherman, senior director of communications for the Nebraska Alumni Assn.

Said Mann: “That’s not counting those in Las Vegas and Arizona who could drive over.”

It’s well-known that Nebraska fans travel better than any other fan-base in the nation, so it’s entirely no surprise that the school has already burned 8,000 tickets dedicated to them.

What’s more, though, is that the Rose Bowl has a capacity upwards of 90,000 but rarely does the stadium get packed. Instead, the average attendance for a UCLA game last season was in the 55,000 range

That’s over 30,000 seats to be filled. And, as noted in a broadcast on 1620 AM “The Zone” in Omaha, Nebraska, 30,000 fans is what UCLA could expect from Cornhuskers fans.

It’s incredibly doubtful that there will be more red than blue and gold on Saturday, mainly because this is Los Angeles, but primarily because LA residents might have their interests piqued by this new Jim Mora-led team, and because Nebraska is a top-25 team, UCLA fans might think the expense is worth it.

We’ll see what happens; whatever does happen, we’re sticking to our prediction that UCLA will beat Nebraska 45-38, even if the Rose Bowl will be akin to a road game.



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