UCLA's Gene Block wants to build a hotel on campus. Because that is a priority, I guess

UCLA boasts one of the trashiest athletics facilities of any Pac-12 school. With Spaulding Field having a luxurious 80-yard football field, 40 yards shorter than what a football field should measure, it is convenient that every facility we have can basically fit inside your pocket!

Some UCLA Bruins are down with trying to upgrade our facilities, but the people who make the decisions, Athletic Director Dan Guerrero and Chancellor Gene Block, do not seem all that interested in any upgrades.

Excusable, right? Perhaps the cuts to the California budget and a flailing economy is to blame. Fine.

Except that apparently, Gene Block has some money to blow. And he wants to build a hotel on campus, because that makes so much sense.

As the linked post notes, the hotel also serves the purpose of screwing over private hotels in the area by undercutting them. Nice. So now instead of UCLA bolstering the West L.A. economy, it plans on trying to monopolize it by using advantages given to them for being a public entity, as the post suggesta, because inhabitants would not have to pay an occupqncy tax.

Stupid, dude. On so, so many levels.

First, this is a pretty damn elitist move, because the purpose is to have more conference rooms for academic meetings. For professors.

Undergraduate education is taking a major hit, while many students are protesting increased tuition. But UCLA doesn’t care all that much, and would like to just coddle other academic elites (which I hope to become, mind you) because how sinful would it be for them to walk to UCLA like normal people?

And then there is obviously the issue of our crappy facilities, which will definitely not be expanded to include a not-barbie-sized football field. Sure, “Lot 6″ is not that close to Spaulding, but if they can figure out how to put a hotel on campus, they can figure out how to expand Spaulding.

Of course, our facilities are only a part of the problem. The bigger issue here is that UCLA is not giving a damn about students or the local economy. To build a hotel on campus would be a travesty.

Not that they will listen, or care, anyway.

(H/T: The website we cannot stand.)

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