Dec 20, 2011; Los Angeles, CA, USA; General view of the center circle with the UCLA Bruins logo at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

What is Bruinsnation? Trash. A trojan horse meant to break up the UCLA community

This video landed on my lap this morning:

(Now, let me warn you: The rest of this blog post is pretty NSFW and strong language is used throughout. Children, please cover your parents’ eyes.)

Of course, for some reason, the one group of pseud-Bruins comes to mind, and that is the trash-writing jackasses that the UCLA community has come to know as “Bruinsnation.” (Please use no spaces when referring to them and their drivel as they have no right to call themselves a nation of Bruins. This will also be the only time I link to their cancerous website, so as to put them on notice.)

If you’ve ever followed along with my career as a UCLA blogger — very short little career, I know — then you know how much I hate SB Nation’s Bruinsnation.

The video above? It speaks right to them. Cynics. People who say we’re “naive.” The ones who think UCLA’s many departments are “incompetent.” The “Bruins” who have no shame in saying they’re ashamed to wear their UCLA swag in public. The ones who have lobbied to get you, the real Bruins, to stop going to games to support your team. They’re the ones who blatantly work with uSc graduates to paint our beloved university in the worst light possible. They’re the uncaring cogs who want to compromise UCLA’s prestige as an academic institution by using crappy logic, thinking we must sacrifice academic achievement for good football.

Calling out specific people is one thing. Embarrassing the school and explicitly undermining our prestige by labeling your own university — which has given you nothing but one of the best educations this country has to offer — as a “laughing stock” is something completely different.

Of course, those mindless cogs will counter, “You just want mediocrity. You’re the apathetic fan. You want to settle for less.”

And that’s where their argument stops.

Because they’re missing the point. As tone-deaf as they claim UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero to be — and let’s be real, Guerrero is tone-deaf — they’re just as tone deaf as he is. It’s common knowledge around UCLA circles that they know what they’re talking about: Ben Howland has done horribly this season, Dan Guerrero does need to go, Jim Mora’s hiring was a result of a poor coaching process. No one is arguing that. But because they’re a group of idiots who are almost cult-like in execution, they’ll twist everything the opponents of Bruinsnation have to say to make it seem that way.

So what’s my problem with that garbage-ass website? They pretend to represent the UCLA community. They act as if their opinions are reflective of, not just myself, but you, the reader. And if you manage to swallow your pride and post a comment disagreeing with their drivel? Ban. Their trash isn’t even respected on their own blog network, SB Nation. Let’s check the dialogue on this post on their fellow SB Nation blog California Golden Blogs:

mrjpark: I didn’t realize how irrational the UCLA fan base was until I saw that article on BN.

Sharkbit12 (In response to mrjpark): Eh, it’s not fair to label the entire fanbase as full of crazies. Most of the rational ones fled when they realized they didn’t want to adhere to BN’s ridiculous groupthink mentality.

Calbear81 (In response to sharkbit12): Fled or were banned. BN doesn’t allow any deviation from its message of the moment, and bans reasonable UCLA fans who express different opinions.

SDBear: BN is full of a bunch of ignorant assholes. The names they call their AD makes me sick. The absolute lack of respect for DG disgust me. Perhaps DG needs to be replaced but to resort to such name calling is childish of BN and their posters.

FromCtoShining(Blue)C: A guy on one of their threads brought that up about trashing Mora: “Yes, Mora had a losing record in the NFL as head coach. That is perfectly legitimate to bring up. However, quotes on BruinNation in the last 24 hours have included: ‘Loser talk for a loser coach.’ ‘Mora garbage.’ ‘failure.’ Discussing a coaching record is one thing. Referring to someone with names like ‘loser,’ ‘garbage,’ and ‘failure’ is another thing.” The response? “If you don’t like it, leave.”

How’s that for an “LOL,” Nestor? Another blog on your own blog network is calling your crew out for lack of class, something all Bruins should have. Of course, while calling a newly-hired coach “garbage,” a “failure” and a “loser” is totally acceptable, Joseph Fauria making fun of another college is not. A little hilarious, considering Bruinsnation has more reach and more of a voice — one that it doesn’t deserve — in the UCLA community than Fauria does. Ironically, UCLA is not the laughing stock — the only laughing stock in Westwood is Bruinsnation. In fact, only bn would support the killing off of their own marching band. Hey, while I’m at it, why don’t I drop out of UCLA to protest how bad our football and basketball programs are? What if we all decided to refuse to pay tuition until we start getting to BCS bowls?

Of course, you may think I’m being hypocritical. Why am I talking poorly of other Bruins? Well … maybe  if they’re unwilling to adhere to their own rules about what constitutes a Bruin, then they don’t deserve to be Bruins. Simple as that.

Which is why I’m ashamed to know that this prestigious university let those jackasses in our lecture halls.

Of course, they’ll skim over this and start their rage, labeling every one else any derisive name in the book, as they have before, with this classic line: “You can serve our country and be a morally bankrupt individual with no ethics or integrity. Case in point.” The argument being made, by this worthless piece of trash? That wanting to hire Jim Tressel makes him a morally bankrupt individual with no ethics or integrity.

Sadly, all this evidence is the tiniest of sample sizes I can give you. Of course, you know bruinsnation will read this and regurgitate it anyway they can, so I’ll summarize and go slowly this time, so that their slow-processing skulls can comprehend: Bruinsnation is not wrong in its objective analysis. They are wrong in that they think they are representative of the UCLA community. They put UCLA in a terrible light constantly, nearly ensuring everyone who is unfamiliar to the community comes to the false conclusion that all Bruins are as bat-shit crazy as these guys are. They lack class and demand class. If you have an opinion that they think is dissenting, they demand that you do so with a “Thank you for letting me have an opinion”-type tone while also trying to kiss their ass. If you disagree with what they’re saying, you are an “apathetic Bruin” because what they say is universal fact.

Don’t expect much — if any — of these Bruinsnation rage posts. Nothing that I can do will stop them: they were born idiots, and they’ll die idiots.

But I can ask you to help me take back the fan-base. Because UCLA deserves a lot better than Bruinsnation.



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  • Michael.Castillo

    Good stuff Carlos. For me, it’s the stupid lexicon that they have. It’s probably the most petty, childish thing I’ve ever seen. To use the word Mausoleum instead of the Coliseum and Cheaty Petey instead of Pete Carroll is just petty. Once or twice as a joke, is fair game. But to never refer to be people by name, and always a petty nickname is just childish, and the fact that they do it to their own shows that I’m not just a butt-hurt USC student.

  • bruinz1

    Continuing a personal vendetta against another blog is incredibly childish in itself. Notice that your only other commenter here is a U$C fan. I saw your reddit post on how you suck at school since you’ve transferred. Maybe you should stop blogging and focus your attention on school because this isn’t working for you either.

    • carlosatUCLA

      @bruinz1 It is working for me. It got you riled up enough to comment, so why not?

      When there’s an opening — a chance to fill a badly-needed void — you fill it. If you have a skill and there really isn’t much competition that you have for that skill, you take advantage of it.

      Bruinsnation is the only large-scale UCLA blog out there, and people are sick of it. Anyway, “sucking at school” is a bit bold. I haven’t gotten a “C” before, and it isn’t as if I don’t work hard.

      But way to keep that trojan/Bruinsnation mentality of openly trolling whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    • carlosatUCLA

      @bruinz1 One more thing: I could’ve deleted that comment and instead, I replied. If you criticize me, I won’t run away and deflect like your beloved bruinsnation moderators do.

  • USMale7

    There are significant amount of negativity and childish behaviors on BN, absolutely. Some of my comments that run counter to their grain have received some of these childish, middle school level responses. In fairness to BN, a lot of it is simply a decade of built up frustration from the poor athletic results under our ineffective AD, Dan Guerrero. Absolutely, DG needs to go away and yesterday isn’t too soon. UCLA’s reputation for academic excellence ought to be continuously improved and Chancellor Gene Block has been working towards that end. However, both our strong academic and athletic traditions are UCLA hallmarks to be cherished and promoted. They do go hand in hand when you think of the UCLA brand. I agree with the consensus of NB opinion that Chancellor Block is failing badly in promoting the athletics half of our world renown UCLA brand.

    • carlosatUCLA

      @USMale7 I totally get what you’re saying, and even highlighted that. It’s horrible, the state of our athletics. But it isn’t fair to constantly label our school — the best one in California and in the nation — “incompetent” and to constantly remind everyone how poorly they think of UCLA.

      Dan Guerrero should’ve been fired forever ago. Ben Howland needs to be evaluated, and today. Gene Block’s apathy towards athletics needs to be addressed. But there’s no need for “Chianti Dan,” “Gene Blockhead,” and “Howlers.” Those are really stupid names and they’re not very funny either. At least a middle-schooler’s disrespectful names might be clever.

      • USMale7

        @carlosatUCLA @USMale7 Trashing the school is not okay nor is it okay to continuously denigrate people, as too often is the case. However, the fact remains that Gene Block did much the same thing with Virginia athletics. They are finally recovering their famous football brand. That disregard for the importance of athletics is why we still have AD Guerrero. Until someone/some thing/some group can convince the Chancellor that his disregard for student athletics is actually harming UCLA and losing out out on a huge source of revenues, I don’t see a change. If Coach Mora succeeds in restoring UCLA’s football credibility, it will be in spite of the AD and the Chancellor, not because of them. That is not acceptable and I cannot fault BN for stressing that point, even if their methodology is highly suspect.

        • carlosatUCLA

          @USMale7 Absolutely. I’ve always said that much of what they say is accurate. I think everyone plus hundreds of others can attest to that.

          But if they’re trying to be the driving force behind UCLA Athletics, it’s not going to work the way things are. When I see post titles like “Chianti Dan” I just roll my eyes and think, “OK, let’s move past that, must be a troll.” (And they normally are trolls.)

          Instead, if they were more strategic and smart in conducting things, they’d get more support. By being the way they are, they’re pushing away a good chunk of the UCLA community, which is why I’m here, blogging at Fansided.

        • USMale7

          @carlosatUCLA Like I said, their methodology in delivering their message is highly suspect and too often very disrespectful. That is a turnoff, I agree. It’s always good to have alternatives, so go for it!

  • USMale7

    By the way, I think that video is spectacular and ought to be an ongoing series to promote UCLA’s hallmarks of providing a top shelf education and our athletic prowess.

    • carlosatUCLA

      @USMale7 Man … I want to see MORE of these. Got me so proud. I seen an ad somewhat like this for Berkeley’s Haas school of business, and was so mad when I couldn’t find another one of these for UCLA. Finally, it is here!

  • USMale7

    Let’s keep it positive and respectful. The high road is always preferable to the mud and the preferable way to get your point across.

  • Recognize

    I completely agree, they’re a bunch of idiots with flawed logic. If they even smell a slight deviation from what they’re preaching, they’ll ban you and delete all your entries. Then, they talk smack on they’re “articles” about you, LMAO!

  • Recognize

    I completely agree, they’re a bunch of idiots with flawed logic. If they even smell a slight deviation from what they’re preaching, they’ll ban you and delete all your entries. Then, they talk smack on their “articles” about you, LMAO!

  • Recognize

    I completely agree, they’re a bunch of idiots with flawed logic. If they even smell a slight deviation from what they’re preaching, they’ll ban you and delete all your entries. Then, they’ll talk smack on their “articles” about you, LMAO!

    • carlosatUCLA

      @Recognize That’s them, dude. Then they’ll twist it to make it so you’re saying something that you didn’t actually say. That’s what happens when you give someone network effects

    • USMale7

      @Recognize LOL! They just deleted my measured response to an insulting, patronizing comment by Nestor. Unbelievably juvenile.

      • carlosatUCLA

        @USMale7 @Recognize I read the comment before it got deleted. There was no ill-will, but they don’t care.

        • Recognize

          @carlosatUCLA @USMale7 We should start a

          campaign against them, calling the real Bruin Nation to action (notice how there’s no “s” in Bruin. That never made sense to me.

        • USMale7

          @Recognize @carlosatUCLA Not worth the bother. Represent as it should be done. People tire of the negative crap. Not suggesting we blow sunshine and roses up everyone’s butt, but have some class, respect and dignity to go with the emotion.

        • USMale7

          @carlosatUCLA@Recognize Interestingly enough, they restored my comment. Good move I think.

        • carlosatUCLA

          @USMale7 @Recognize Yep, just seen it. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that they’re being called out for it more and more. Or it could be that Nestor deleted your comment and other mods decided to grow a pair and undelete it + reply it. I have no idea.

          They’re a bipolar group, and they make all UCLA fans, students, and alum look like nut-jobs.

  • Shawn

    AGREE 100%. I told that piece of trash website to stop with the negativity, and they apparently blocked me LOLL. What a joke. The university should do something about this.

  • grateful_bruin

    Yes, I agree with everything that you have said, but I think you are flaming them a bit more than you actually desire in order to make your message digestible. My current beef with that blog is their propensity for negative confirmation bias– every victory against a Top 10 team is described as a reason to fire the coach. Furthermore, when they get down on a coach, they are absolutely depressing to follow– the game loses all enjoyment for them and the relish in UCLA’s mistakes. I hope that all UCLA fans and athletic department recruits know that THAT website is only a polluted backwater eddy of UCLA’s fan-base. Don’t worry, they will not be at sporting events cheering these teams on because they have boycotted the events already!

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA

      I wrote this a year ago and I’m trying to found out why it’s getting traffic today. It’s very odd. I just got linked by BN and I’m trying to find it ’cause they’re dorks.

      • grateful_bruin

        You got linked by one of their “trolls”. Of course they deleted all references to his posts. The troll was quite funny. BTW you should see how they flamed a fan who posted Howland is right for UCLA. BN’s fanboys actually talked about how they accept intelligent points of view but do not tolerate comments on the tone of BN or posts that criticize other posts. They are such a joke, I dont know why I went over there. BN is a warm BM. Currently I think Tydides as the most annoying hemorrhoid over there, although Nestor is the king of the clowns.

        • GoJoeBruinUCLA

          They’re all massive idiots. That Ryan Rosenblatt kid was cool for a bit and then it’s like they said, “No Ryan, you need to *bend over* all the way, not just halfway” and he converted. I don’t even write about them anywhere anymore except in passing when they become pure comedy. I stick to things here, at GJB.

          • grateful_bruin

            As should I. The bummer is that they might have an impact on some of the athletes’ recruiting decisions. Of course not this past year with basketball, but maybe with the other ones who got away. That is also one of the reasons why I take issue with Bill Walton’s announcing style. BW needs to help out his alma mater, not kick it in the face on national TV.

          • GoJoeBruinUCLA

            Nah, Bill Walton’s fine. He’s critical, just like I am, and he also has a duty to be an objective analyst. The issue is not thinking a certain way — being critical or optimistic or whatever — it’s that facts are ignored and narratives are created so facts can be cherry-picked to conform to a narrative.

            It doesn’t affect recruiting. It affects everything else, I feel, but recruits know what college football/basketball is like.

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA

      I like when they get mad when UCLA wins and hate when people get pumped, calling kids “selfish” because they were cheering. I get a few LOLZ

  • grateful_bruin

    By the way, someone aka Tasty_Jesus is posting on reddit and admitted to being Nestor. lol

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA

      REDDITORS. But I seen, that ain’t him, he’s just messing around.

  • grateful_bruin

    Can you please post a link to that video? It does not show up anymore.

  • Shekib

    I completely agree with what you wrote over 8 months ago. i have been arguing and fighting BN for the last few years. been banned from everyone of their sites for standing up to them and not allowing them to constantly whine and talk down our players and coaches and university in general. I really do believe that these are people are not looking for the best interest of the university and our athletic department….which is more then just football and basketball. Yes we all have issues with BH and we all have issues with DG but i have never ever ever burned/mailed my ucla gear back/discouraged other fans from going to game or turned off a game because they were losing by 50 or winning by 50.
    UCLA graduate 2003
    UCLA graduate school NOW
    Go Bruins