Mar 29, 2008; Phoenix, AZ, USA: UCLA Bruins center Kevin Love (42) is congratulated by guard Russell Westbrooke after scoring in the first half against the Xavier Musketeers during the west regional semi-final of the 2008 NCAA Division I Mens Basketball Championship at the US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

2-for-2: UCLA Bruins Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love are NBA All-Stars again

For the second year in a row, two UCLA Bruins are NBA All-Stars.

(Note how we don’t say “former Bruins.” Once a Bruin, always a Bruin.)

And well-deserved, too. Kevin Love is solidifying himself as possibly the best power forward in the NBA. Sure, the sexy pick for that designation is probably LaMarcus Aldridge or Blake Griffin, but it’s no secret to anyone who watches the NBA intently that Love is the best 4 in the league. (His only downfall being one that’s common among NBA power forwards: defense.)

The stats? Dude’s putting up 22 points, 15 rebounds a game. That’s crazy talk, but not when it comes to Love, who averaged nearly as many rebounds last year. K-Love is doing his fair share of everything, doing whatever he can to get to the top, even if he has to step on some faces– er, toes.

Russell Westbrook has solidified himself as a top-5 point guard in the NBA, too. And this is coming in an era where there are a ton of elite ones at the professional level. Westbrook deserves the recognition, scoring a career-hgh 22 points a contest. His assist total is down, but such is the case when you become one of your offense’s cornerstone players.

It’s refreshing to know that two Bruins are perennial All-Stars and it’s even better knowing that they both played during the same time, under the same coach, and were in the same draft class. These dudes are like brothers. The resemblances are striking!

It should also be noted that both Bruins also got massive contract extensions this year. That’s how it’s done: Have women, get money, son.


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  • JimArnold

    I don’t consider either one of these guys “always a Bruin” …they both accepted 4 year scholarships and then jumped ship first chance they got, and ruined the Basketball program. If either one of them had any class at all (Like Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley) they would have stayed in college another year or two and probably built their skills up to an even higher level. They are not Bruins – just uneducated mercenaries.

    • carlosatUCLA

      @JimArnold I can see where you’re coming from — they haven’t really given much back to (or been vocal about, for that matter) UCLA. That said, they chose UCLA and regardless of if you’re one-and-done or a four-year starter, you’re a Bruin ’til death and even some time after that.